University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Emily M. Berkey
Jeremiah Brown Psychology2016 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Katherine BruceAnimal behavior, comparative cognition
Dale Cohen
Brian Sanford Coleman Psychology Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Nicole (Capik) Crowleyex vivo electrophysiology, systems neuroscience and behavioral health20082010 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student), Sherry L. Serdikoff (research assistant), Bryan K. Saville (research assistant)
Taylor M. Curleymemory, metamemory, aging, cognitive neuropsychology20102012 Jeffrey P. Toth (research assistant)
Melissa DealBehavioral Pharmacology, working memory, applied behavior analysis Mark Galizio (grad student)
Amanda Devoto Psychology20132015 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Holly A. Earlsvisual perception20052007 Dale Cohen (grad student)
Joseph W. FeltsEcology, Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology, Mammalogy Wm. David Webster (research assistant)
Jennifer Marie FerrellDevelopmental, Cognitive Development, Intergenerational Contact, Social Cognition, Group Dynamics, Counterfactual Reasoning Psychology19971999 Dale Cohen (grad student)
Heather Fleuriet Psychology20152017 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Mark Galizio Raymond Pitts (collaborator), Katherine Bruce (collaborator)
Amanda Logan Gibson Psychology2013 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Angela Marie GoolsbyNMDA receptor antagonist ketamine, rat olfaction Psychology20152017 Mark Galizio (grad student)
Aneeka Mikael Hancock20052008 Julian R. Keith (research assistant)
Lilian Alexandra Hatcher Psychology20132015 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Andrew Blair HawkeyBehavioral Pharmacology Psychology20102012 Mark Galizio (grad student)
Casey M. Irwin HelveyApplied Behavior Analysis Psychology2017 Carole M. Van Camp (grad student)
Marissa Taylor IwanyloPsychology
Jessica Katschke Psychology Psychology20142016 Jeffrey P. Toth (grad student), Karen A. Daniels (grad student)
Julian R. Keithmemory, neuropharmacology Raymond Pitts (collaborator)
Sophia KeyApplied Behavior Analysis20082010 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student), Christine Elizabeth Hughes (research assistant)
Rachel A. Kohman
Amanda LashCognitive aging20072009 Jeffrey P. Toth (research assistant)
Carrianne J. Leschak Psychology20132015 Richard S. Pond, Jr. (research assistant)
Andrew McCulloughcognitive neuroscience Jeffrey P. Toth (grad student)
Bryan MessinaAlcohol Behavioral Pharmacology Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Laurence L. Miller Mark Galizio (grad student)
Nora Noel
Kate B. NoonerClinical Psychology
Danielle Eva Panoz-BrownBehavioral pharmacology, Episodic memory, Working memory, Learning, Choice behavior, Animal behavior, Stimulus equivalence Mark Galizio (grad student), Melissa Deal (collaborator)
Richard S. Pond, Jr.Aggression, Emotion, Social Rejection
Ashley M. Prichardperception, olfaction, canine cognition, fMRI20122014 Mark Galizio (grad student), Danielle Eva Panoz-Brown (collaborator), Katherine Bruce (grad student), Melissa Deal (collaborator)
Kaitlyn Proctor Psychology20152017 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Morgan ThrockmortonBehavior Analysis20082011 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)
Seven E. Tomekaddiction, behavioral neuroscience, opiates, empathy Psychology20132016 Nora Noel (grad student)
Jeffrey P. Tothmemory, attention, control, automaticity, intention
Wendy Donlin Washingtonbehavior, behavioral pharmacology
Samuel James WestAggression, Rejection, Dehumanization, Social Class Differences, Intergroup Processes Psychology20152017 Richard S. Pond, Jr. (grad student)
Haleigh Winbourne Psychology2016 Wendy Donlin Washington (grad student)