Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert M. Abelsonauditory neuroanatomy
Molly AdrianClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2009 Cynthia A. Erdley (grad student)
Zaid Al-Abbasi Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering2021 Derek C Molliver (grad student)
Michele G. AlexanderSocial Psychology, General Language
Wallace M. AlexanderCurriculum and Instruction Education2001 Edward Brazee (grad student)
Pamela L. AstburyGuidance and Counseling Education, Secondary Education, Middle School Education2010 Edward Brazee (grad student)
Becky H. BooberReligious Education, Developmental Psychology2005 Sydney C. Thomas (grad student)
Colin M. Bosmaemotion regulation, mood disorders, digital phenotyping, mindfulness Psychology20152021 Emily A. P. Haigh (grad student)
Edward BrazeeCurriculum and Instruction Education, Secondary Education, Educational Psychology Education
Phyllis BrazeeSocial Sciences Education, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Donald A. BuckinghamAdministration Education, Industrial Psychology2004 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Alana M. BurnsClinical Psychology2012 Cynthia A. Erdley (grad student)
Rachel D. BurrowsGeneral Psychology2013 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Erika M. CarpenterClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Early Childhood Education2002 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Frances H. ClukeyMental Health, Fine Arts, Clinical Psychology2003 Laurie E. Hicks (grad student)
Alan B. Cobo-LewisCognitive Psychology
Shawn A. CollierCognitive Psychology2011 Alan B. Cobo-Lewis (grad student)
Virginia A. CylkeSocial Psychology, General Language2003 Michele G. Alexander (grad student)
Elizabeth DePoySocial Work, Social Psychology, Women's Studies
Fernande M. DesjardinsAdministration Education, Secondary Education2005 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Gordon A. DonaldsonAdministration Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education
Harold DowseNeuroscience Biology
Gregg DowtyGuidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology2005 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Suzanne M. DwyerExperimental Psychology2000 Alan Rosenwasser (grad student)
Cynthia A. ErdleyDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Secondary Education, Educational Psychology Education
Jessica FalesClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2012 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Christy L. FesslerPhysiological Psychology, General Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2014 Thane Fremouw (grad student)
Pamela S. FloodAdministration Education, Educational Psychology Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2002 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Thane Fremouw
Emma Renee GarnerRenal Carcinoma Neurobiology20182019 Kristy L. Townsend (research scientist)
Allyson A. GillesClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Experimental Psychology2008 Marie Hayes (grad student)
Nicholas A. Giudicespatial cognition, human-computer interaction
Rachel L. GroverClinical Psychology2002 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Julie HackettCurriculum and Instruction Education, Teacher Training Education2005 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Matthew C HartmannChronobiology of ethanol Graduate School of Biomedical Science & Engineering20142019 Alan Rosenwasser (grad student)
Thomas A. Harvey2002 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Marie HayesDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Human Development
Maxwell A. HenningsNeurogenesis, Learning and Memory, Aging Psychology20102017 Thane Fremouw (grad student)
Laurie E. HicksMental Health, Fine Arts, Clinical Psychology
Lauren J. HollebClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology2011 Cynthia A. Erdley (grad student)
Erik C. Johnson Harold Dowse (grad student)
Amy J. KayeClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology2012 Cynthia A. Erdley (grad student)
Lisle R. KingeryClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2003 Colin Martindale (grad student)
Jonna M. KwiatkowskiExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology2002 Colin Martindale (grad student)
Peter J. LaFreniereDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Joseph Lerner
Lowell W. LibbyAdministration Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2001 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Beth A. LoganDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Human Development Psychology2013 Marie Hayes (grad student)
Ryan W. LoganNeuroscience Biology, Psychobiology Psychology2009 Alan Rosenwasser (grad student)
Donald F. LynchEducational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2005 Sydney C. Thomas (grad student)
Heather L. MacDuffieSocial Work, Clinical Psychology2010 Tina Passman (grad student)
Colin MartindaleExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology
David S. Millerblood-brain barrier, drug delivery, transporters Chemistry1973 Joseph Lerner (grad student)
Michael R. MuirCurriculum and Instruction Education, Secondary Education, Educational Psychology Education2000 Edward Brazee (grad student)
Douglas W. NangleClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Caroline L. NobletBehavioral Psychology2012 Linda Silka (grad student)
Andrew Ouellette Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering2019 Catherine Cook Kaczorowski (grad student)
Emanuel PariserSecondary Education, Teacher Training Education, Educational Psychology Education2011 Gordon A. Donaldson (grad student)
Tina PassmanSocial Work, Clinical Psychology
Jonathan A. PaulNeuroscience Biology, Developmental Psychology2011 Marie Hayes (grad student)
Jay PetersSocial Work, Social Psychology, Women's Studies2003 Elizabeth DePoy (grad student)
Peter ReaveyClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2004 Cynthia A. Erdley (grad student)
Michelle S. RiveraClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology2008 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Stacey Robinson20072009 Alan Rosenwasser (research assistant)
Cheryl Saliwanchik-BrownGuidance and Counseling Education, Secondary Education2008 Phyllis Brazee (grad student)
Bethany J. SallinenClinical Psychology2005 Marie Hayes (grad student)
Rebecca A. SchumacherCurriculum and Instruction Education, Secondary Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2002 Edward Brazee (grad student)
Joseph A. SeggioNeuroscience Biology2009 Harold Dowse (grad student), Alan Rosenwasser (grad student)
Agnieszka K. SerwikClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2010 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Elizabeth J. ShepherdClinical Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology2008 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)
Ilene Siegler1973 Merrill F. Elias (grad student)
Linda SilkaBehavioral Psychology
Becky C. TalynEcology Biology, Genetics2000 Harold Dowse (grad student)
Sydney C. ThomasReligious Education, Developmental Psychology
Oshin A. VartanianExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2002 Colin Martindale (grad student)
Anja WhittingtonRecreation, Women's Studies2005 Phyllis Brazee (grad student)
Karen R. ZeffClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2005 Douglas W. Nangle (grad student)