Technische Universität München (TUM)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Erwin Neher1970 H Dieter Lux (grad student)
Khalid Tai20082010 Cecilia Lundberg (post-doc)
Gerhard Rammes
Daniel D. Lam
Indar SugiartoComputational Intelligence, Bayesian Machine Learning, Reconfigurable Computing Jorg Conradt (grad student)
Kaspar Schattkeflow experience; motivation; intrinsic motivation; implicit motives; motive congruence; greenwashing; mindfulness;
Cristian Axenie Multisensory processing and integration algorithms, Distributed neural computational architectures for multisensory processing, Sensor fusion algorithms for robotics Jorg Conradt (grad student)
Mohsen FirouziMultistory integration and Perception Jorg Conradt (grad student)
tomas vega-zunigaNeurobiology
Jorg ConradtNeuronal-Style Information Processing in Closed-Control-Loop Systems, Distributed Local Information Processing, Growing and Adaptive Networks of Computational Units, Neuromorphic Sensor Fusion and Distributed Actuator Networks, Event-Based Systems
Marcello MulasNeurorobotics
Nicolai WaniekNonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Computational Neuroscience, Recurrent Neural Networks, Self-Organization and Procedural Generation, Distributed and Massively Parallel Computing Jorg Conradt (grad student)
Alexander GrohSensory Systems, Thalamus, Corticothalamic