Binghamton University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Barbara Acker-Mills Richard E. Pastore (grad student)
Christopher R. Bishop
Kelly A. BordnerEarly ethanol exposure, Infant learning and memory, Opioids and ethanol reinforcement
Nicole CameronMaternal care, neuroendocrinology
Yulong ChenSignaling, Epigenetic Regulation, and Molecular Neuropharmacology
Ed Crawley Richard E. Pastore (grad student)
Patricia M. Di LorenzoNeural circuitry of taste coding in the brain stem of anesthetized rats. Computational models of the neural code for taste; Investigations of temporal coding with electrical stimulation of the brain stem in awake, moving rats; Centrifugal influence in the
Olga D. EscanillaNeural circuitry of taste coding, olfaction
Armanda Gameiro
Anny Ganoalcohol, stress, neuroimmunology Psychology20112016 Terrence Deak (grad student)
Peter C. GerhardsteinCognitive Psychology
Christof Grewer
Joseph M. HallBehavioral Neuroscience2010 Lisa M. Savage (grad student)
Gerald S. HechtPrenatal Cocaine Exposure, Animal Model, Sex Differences19941997 Linda P. Spear (grad student), Patricia M. Di Lorenzo (grad student)
Sigmund Hsiao Robert L. Isaacson (post-doc)
Cara M. HuestonStress, Neuroinflammation
Albrecht Inhoffeye movement, reading, eye-hand coordination
Robert L. IsaacsonHippocampal function20002006 Donna R. Ramirez (collaborator)
Negin KhalifianHuman Electrophysiology2012 Sarah Laszlo (grad student)
Brian T KippCholinergic basal forebrain, alcohol, neurotrophins, prefrontal cortex, hippocampus Psychology2017 Lisa M. Savage (grad student)
Justine D. Landin
Meredith L. LanskaRecognition Memory
Christian H. Lemon Patricia M. Di Lorenzo (grad student)
Dennis F LovelockInteroception, alcohol, neuroimmune system Psychology Terrence Deak (grad student)
John N. MarianiSynaptogenesis, Synaptic Plasticity, Astrocytes, MS, Oligodendrocytes, Glia, Blood Brain Barrier, Endothelial Cells, Bioinformatics, Sequencing20072009 Stephen L. Boehm (research assistant)
Amanda (Willey) MatoushekAdolescent Alcohol
Vladimir Miskovic
Thomas Nguyen Psychology Psychology20172019 Vladimir Miskovic (research assistant), Patricia M. Di Lorenzo (research assistant)
Polly L. O'RourkeLanguage processing, ERP Cyma Van Petten (post-doc)
Richard E. PastoreAuditory perception, Cognition and attention, Human factors
Steven A. Pilato Psychology20172020 Patricia M. Di Lorenzo (grad student)
Amy P RappNeuroscience Patricia M. Di Lorenzo (research assistant)
Scott R. RobinsonDevelopmental psychobiology, fetal learning Psychology19891994 William Smotherman (research scientist)
Jessica L. SanterreAlcohol, PKC, Motivation, Nucleus Accumbens John D. Salamone (grad student), David F. Werner (grad student)
Lisa M. Savage
Frank Michael Scalzobehavioral neuroscience, zebrafish19801985 Linda P. Spear (grad student)
Benjamin M. SeitzLearning & Memory Biology Psychology20152017 David Sloan Wilson (research assistant), Ralph R. Miller (research assistant)
Jocelyn Solis-Moreira Behavioral Neuroscience2016 David F. Werner (grad student)
Steven M. SpechtEmpirical aesthetics Psychobiology Linda P. Spear (grad student)
Shawn A. WeilPsycholinguistics, cognitive science, human factors Richard E. Pastore (research assistant)
Michael S WeissTaste System, Neural Coding, Obesity Psychology Patricia M. Di Lorenzo (grad student)
David Sloan WilsonEvolution Edward O. Wilson (collaborator)