Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nesar Akanda Department of Biomedicine and Surgery20022006 Fredrik Elinder (grad student)
Adam Armada-Moreiraelectrophysiology, organic electronics, neurosciences
Elisabeth Borg Management and Engineering2014 Jonas Soderlund (grad student)
Sara Börjesson Fredrik Elinder (grad student)
Marek Brodzkisomatosensation, ion channels Centre for Social and Affective Neuroscience2021 Marcin Szczot (post-doc)
Amir Broomand Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine20022007 Fredrik Elinder (grad student)
Malin Silverå Ejneby Department of Clinical and Experimental medicine20122018 Fredrik Elinder (grad student)
Fredrik ElinderIon channels Peter Århem (grad student)
Björn GransethVisual system, Short-term plasticity, Synaptic function, Thalamus, Neocortex 19962003 Sivert Lindström (grad student)
Namik HamzicIL-6 and fever Camilla L. Nilsberth (grad student)
Sarah Lindstrom2011 Björn Granseth (post-doc)
Erik Marsja Swedish Institute of Disability Research20122017 Gregory Neely (grad student)
Leah Mayodrug conditioning2015 Markus Heilig (post-doc)
Gábor Méhes2015 Eleni Stavrinidou (post-doc)
Camilla L. NilsberthAlzheimer's disease, inflammation
Nina Ottosson Department of Clinical and Experimental medicine20112017 Fredrik Elinder (grad student)
Jakob Renhorn Department of Clinical and Experimental medicine20112018 Fredrik Elinder (grad student)
Eleni Stavrinidou2014 Magnus Berggren (post-doc)
Stefan ThorNeuronal diversity