University of Vermont College of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Matthew D. AlbaughDevelopmental neuroimaging; mood and anxiety
Christopher A Arger
Amy C. Chesslearning
E. A. Connor Rodney L. Parsons (grad student)
Eric J. Gonzalez Neurological Sciences20112016 Margaret A. Vizzard (grad student)
Jean C. Hardwickneuronal regulation of cardiac function19881994 Rodney L. Parsons (post-doc)
Michael K HehirMyasthenia gravis, treatment burden Neurology Noah Kolb (collaborator)
Amanda E. Hernanepilepsy, neurodevelopment, slice electrophysiology2013 Rod C. Scott (post-doc)
James F. Howardneuromuscular junction, myasthenia gravis, complement inhibition Charles Marcel Poser (grad student)
Mary Beth Klinger Margaret A. Vizzard (grad student)
Noah Kolb
Ronald M. LechanHypothalamic disease, pituitary disease, disorders of the thyroid, adrenal disease, islet cell tumors
Gregory LiebermanCognition, Neuroplasticity Psychiatry20102014 Magdalena R. Naylor (grad student)
Amy B. MacDermott Rodney L. Parsons (grad student)
Magdalena R. Naylor
Rodney L. Parsons
Charles Marcel PoserMultiple Sclerosis, Demyelinating disorders
Margaret A. Vizzardbladder pain
Darcy E WagnerLung bioengineering, tissue engineering, lung regeneration Pulmonary and Critical Care20112014 Daniel J. Weiss (post-doc)
James T Wilson