University of South Carolina

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mary J. AitchisonSpeech Pathology, Medicine and Surgery2001 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Sreesa Akella2006 James N. Davis (grad student)
Michael Aksenov Rose M. Booze (research scientist)
Tevfik AliciBehavioral Neuropharmacology2002 James Appel (grad student)
Nelson U. AlinoAccounting Business Administration, Management Business Administration Business Administration2009 Brad Tuttle (grad student)
Radhamani AnandalakshmiMolecular Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Genetics2000 Vicki Vance (grad student)
Michelle L. AndraClinical Psychology2004 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Susan P. AntaramianDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education School Psychology2010 Scott Huebner (grad student)
James AppelBehavioral Neuropharmacology
Christopher J. AshClinical Psychology2000 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Jacqueline AtkinsClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Individual and Family Studies, Black Studies2003 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Lisa E. BakerNeuropharmacology, drugs of abuse James Appel (post-doc)
David A. BalotaCognitive Aging, word recognition, priming, memory Randall W. Engle (grad student)
Jennifer A. BantaSocial Psychology2003 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Lucinda S. BarronGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education2000 Joseph Rotter (grad student)
Laura B. Baucomdecoding; machine learning; fMRI Experimental Psychology2013 Svetlana Shinkareva (grad student)
Shirley C. BausmithSpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education2000 Cheryl A. Wissick (grad student)
Gordon C. Baylisvisual attention, perceptual organization
Katie M. BecofskyAging, Neuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology Exercise Science2014 Roger Newman-Norlund (grad student)
Elaine M. BeltonClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2004 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Joseph C. BerryhillIndustrial Psychology, Elementary Education, Administration Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
Sarah Bertrand Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Charles S. BeverleyPublic Health, Information Technology Health Srv Policy/Mng2013 Saundra L. Glover (grad student)
Roger Black
Barbara BlatchleyAuditory system
Sacha BlissCognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education School Psychology2011 Eugene S. Huebner (grad student)
Jonathan D. BohbotNeuroscience Biology2004 Richard G. Vogt (grad student)
Rose M. Booze Charles Mactutus (collaborator), James N. Davis (post-doc)
Vanessa C. BordwineEducational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology2008 Scott Huebner (grad student)
J. M. BradleyDevelopmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Gerontology2002 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Bekh Bradley-DavinoPersonality Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Department of Psychology2000 Diane Follingstad (grad student)
Ashley B. BrantleySpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2000 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Jill B. BranyonCurriculum and Instruction Education, Early Childhood Education2002 James S. Sears (grad student)
Ashley K. BrewerClinical Psychology2008 Fred Medway (grad student)
William Brixius Psychology Jessica J. Green (grad student)
Joseph L. Brooksvisual attention, perceptual organization19981998 Gordon C. Baylis (research assistant)
Sandra S. BrothertonRehabilitation and Therapy, Pathology2002 Harriet Williams (grad student)
Robin D. BurdenSpecial Education, Elementary Education, Sciences Education2004 Cheryl A. Wissick (grad student)
Margaret Z. BurggrafGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Mary M. BurnetteCounseling Psychology, Policy Education, Gender Studies
Jerome R. BusemeyerDecision Making, choice models1979 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Raymond J. ButtsRehabilitation and Therapy, Neuroscience Biology Exercise Science2013 Roger Newman-Norlund (grad student)
Robert F. Buzan Clinical-Community Psychology2009 Jennifer Vendemia (grad student)
Thomas P. CaffertyDevelopmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Gerontology
Brigid M. CahillDevelopmental Psychology, Gerontology2002 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Macy B. CalderonClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Special Education2005 Robert E. Deysach (grad student)
Kelly Elizabeth Caravellafragile x syndrome, autism spectrum disorders Psychology20132018 Jane E. Roberts (grad student)
Laura V. CarranzaClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2001 Robert E. Deysach (grad student)
Richard B. Carterbehavioral pharmacology, drug discovery, drug development19741976 James Appel (research assistant)
Montserrat CasadoGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2000 Margaret Z. Burggraf (grad student)
B J. CaseyDevelopmental Cognitive Neuroscience1990 John E. Richards (grad student)
Lisa E. CastorPsychometrics Psychology, Developmental Psychology2000 Fred Medway (grad student)
Michael CiprianoAccounting Business Administration2006 Brad Tuttle (grad student)
Colt A. Coffman Department of Exercise Science20182021 Robert Davis Moore (research assistant)
James R. ColemanAuditory system
Christian M. ConnellClinical Psychology2000 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Stefania Conte Department of Psychology20182020 John E. Richards (post-doc)
Somchanok CoompanthuManagement Business Administration2000 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Shauna M. CooperEducational Psychology Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Secondary Education, African American Studies
Georgiana M. CraciunMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology2006 Stacy Wood (grad student)
Adam W. CraigMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology, Neuroscience Biology Business Administration2011 Stacy Wood (grad student)
Michael Cranston Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Melinda D. CrenshawAdministration Education, Secondary Education2003 Fred Medway (grad student)
Kim CroniseDevelopmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology2002 Sandra Kelly (grad student)
Shannon K. CrowleyPublic Health, General Psychology, Military Studies Exercise Science2013 Shawn D. Youngstedt (grad student)
Cindy A. CrustoIndustrial Psychology, Public and Social Welfare2000 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Dana D'AndreaClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Teacher Training Education2001 Fred Medway (grad student)
Camille A. D'AscoliClinical Psychology, Law2004 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Mourad DakhliManagement Business Administration2002 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Leah Z. DanfordSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology2007 Fred Medway (grad student)
Orion DavidoffClinical Psychology2005 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
J. Mark Davis
Sarah E. DavisFSCV, HAND Eric S. Ramsson (grad student), Jun Zhu (grad student)
Adam Denton Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Adrienne L. DeSantisClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2006 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Robert E. DeysachClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Lori L. DudleyDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education2000 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Tracy H. DunnMarketing Business Administration2003 Terence Shimp (grad student)
Melissa D. DureskaRehabilitation and Therapy2007 Harriet Williams (grad student)
LeKisha Y. EdwardsClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2008 Jeffrey C. Schatz (grad student)
Gail M. ElmoreEducational Psychology Education, Social Psychology2006 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Ann W. EnginEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education, Special Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education
Julia Ann Englundvisual system, dyslexia, reading disabilities, learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders20092014 Melanie Palomares (grad student)
Reilly T. EnosPhysiology Biology, Immunology, Nutrition Exercise Science2013 J. Mark Davis (grad student)
Kevin D. EverhartClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2000 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Jordan A. Ezell Psychology2015 Jane E. Roberts (grad student)
Jim FadelNeuropsychopharmacology
James R. FadelNeuroscience Biology
Chamarlyn L. FairleyClinical Psychology2005 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Richard A. FandinoMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology Biological Sciences2014 Richard G. Vogt (grad student)
Sheara FernandoGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Administration Education, Special Education School Psychology2010 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Mark J. Ferrisdopamine20022007 Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Robert L. FinkeClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2009 Jeffrey C. Schatz (grad student)
Sylvia Fitting2008 Rose M. Booze (grad student), Charles Mactutus (grad student)
Paul D. FlaspohlerClinical Psychology2004 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Ioana M. FloreaRehabilitation and Therapy, Public Health2005 Harriet Williams (grad student)
Kate FloryADHD, child psychopathology
Minnjuan W. FlournoyHealth Care Management, Dentistry Health Srv Policy/Mng2011 Saundra L. Glover (grad student)
Laurie FordDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education
Amy W. ForemanMolecular Biology, Botany Biology Biological Sciences2012 Vicki Vance (grad student)
Samuel K. FormbyManagement Business Administration, Operations Research Business Administration2011 Manoj K. Malhotra (grad student)
Danielle Frederick-DuusNeuroscience Biology Biomedical Science2008 James R. Fadel (grad student)
Janet Frickinfant attention19961997 John E. Richards (post-doc)
Lindsey S. FryeEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education School Psychology2008 Fred Medway (grad student)
Benjamin A. FunkClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Ernest Furtchgott
John William FuselerKinetics of NFkB activation and nuclear translocation in myocardial and vascular endothelial cells.
Xu Gaoneural cell biology, motor proteins Biological Sciences2014 Deanna Sue Smith (grad student)
Marion Boyd Gillespie
Kerrie GlassADHD, child psychopathology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2012 Kate Flory (grad student)
Saundra L. GloverHealth Care Management, Medicine and Surgery, Neuroscience Biology
Adrian M. Gomez2014 Jun Zhu (grad student)
Kelli R. GoodSocial Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Behavioral Psychology2001 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Christopher L. Gorevisual attention, perceptual organization2004 Gordon C. Baylis (grad student)
Jessica J. Greenattention, EEG, fMRI
Charity B. GriffinEducational Psychology Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Secondary Education, African American Studies School Psychology2014 Shauna M. Cooper (grad student)
Martha S. GunterArt Education, History of Education2000 James S. Sears (grad student)
Maggie Guy Psychology20152018 John E. Richards (post-doc)
Janel M. HagarNeuroscience Biology, Aging Biomedical Science2014 Lawrence Reagan (grad student)
Taylor Hanayikvisual neglect, extinction, multimodal attention, stroke, fMRI, iEEG2014 Chris Rorden (grad student)
Gordon HannahSocial Psychology, Mass Communications2005 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Emily C. HaraninSocial Psychology2008 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Adrian M. HarrellAccounting Business Administration, Social Psychology, Management Business Administration
Steven B. HarrodLearning and Memory Rose M. Booze (collaborator)
Alexander Joseph HartmanNeurovirology
Ivan O. HaskellSocial Psychology, Geography, Criminology and Penology2002 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
Miles Oren Hayescoastal and fluvial geomorphology and sedimentology
Erika R. HaysGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education2002 James S. Sears (grad student)
Sachin Hebbar20042010 Deanna Sue Smith (post-doc)
Young-Won HerAccounting Business Administration, Social Psychology, Management Business Administration2005 Adrian M. Harrell (grad student)
Priyantha Herath
Susanne K. HicklinPersonality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2007 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Timothy J HinesCharcot-Marie-Tooth disease, peripheral neuropathy, axon degeneration, tRNA synthetases, genetics, neuromuscular disease Biological Sciences20122018 Deanna Sue Smith (grad student)
Keri L. HoffmanSocial Psychology, Higher Education, Special Education2006 Fred Medway (grad student)
Alisa K. Holland David W. Harrison (grad student)
Sarah M. HonakerClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Robert A. HorakEducational Psychology Education, Secondary Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2003 Joseph Rotter (grad student)
Gail W. HounshellClinical Psychology, Health Care Management, Mental Health2001 Fred Medway (grad student)
Michelle S. HowardClinical Psychology2000 Fred Medway (grad student)
Scott HuebnerBehavioral Psychology, Speech Pathology
Eugene S. HuebnerGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Richard HultEducational Psychology Education
Sharon Kay Hunter2001 John E. Richards (grad student)
Adam HutchesonExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2007 Douglas H. Wedell (grad student)
Adrianne H. IngramSocial Psychology, Industrial Psychology2006 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Vivian K. JamesSpeech Pathology, Developmental Psychology2001 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Laura M. Jelsonevisual attention, perceptual organization Experimental Psychology2008 Gordon C. Baylis (grad student)
Kenia JohnsonClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2008 Jeffrey C. Schatz (grad student)
Rebecca R. Johnsonschool psychology Psychology20152016 Samuel D. McQuillin (grad student)
Lisa JohnsonAphasia; Language; Neuroimaging; Sign Language; Communication Sciences and Disorders2017 Julius Fridriksson (grad student)
Tracy JonesGeneral Psychology2006 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Beth A. JudySocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology2006 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Michael J. KaneWorking memory, Cognitive control, Individual differences Randall W. Engle (post-doc)
Tal KatzCognitive Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2014 Jeffery Schatz (grad student)
Jacob J. M. KayNeuroscience, Exercise Science, Concussion, mTBI Exercise Science2016 Robert Davis Moore (grad student)
Tori B. KearnsSociology of Education, Social Psychology, Special Education, Black Studies, Educational Psychology Education2003 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Jonathan M. Keefe Psychology20142017 Jessica J. Green (research assistant)
Dana C. KeenerClinical Psychology2007 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Sandra KellyExperimental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Developmental Psychology
Sherry Kendall Rose M. Booze (post-doc)
Margaret A. KennerleyClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Jane P. Kenney-HuntComplex genetics, brain and skull morphology, schizophrenia Biological Sciences20072009 Timothy A. Mousseau (post-doc)
Suzanne E. KernsClinical Psychology2006 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Peter R. KilmannClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Karlene R. KilmerClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Black Studies, Criminology and Penology2002 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
Kathleen C. KirasicDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Ahmet H. KircaMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration2004 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Debra E. KrotishRehabilitation and Therapy Exercise Science2008 Harriet Williams (grad student)
Belle KuSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2005 Fred Medway (grad student)
Donald M. Kuhn1976 James Appel (grad student)
Ryan T. LacyBehavioral Pharmacology Experimental Psychology2012 Steven B. Harrod (grad student)
Dorian A. Lamissuicide, bipolar disorder Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2013 Patrick Malone (grad student)
Andrea E. LamontStatistics, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2014 Patrick Malone (grad student)
Joshua Langberg Psychology Bradley H. Smith (grad student)
Ramona S. LarryClinical Psychology, Public Health Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2009 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Susan E. LeagueEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education, Early Childhood Education, Psychometrics Psychology2000 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Regina D. LemmonSpeech Pathology, Early Childhood Education, Reading Education2007 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Astrid G. LeNoirCurriculum and Instruction Education, Administration Education, Germanic Literature2004 James S. Sears (grad student)
Jean A. LinneyClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Lei LiuMemory
Melanie LivetIndustrial Psychology, Public Health, Mental Health, Health Care Management, Public Administration2006 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Sofia B. Lizarraga
Lisa M. LockeClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Marjorie LoewerClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2004 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Rachel F. LongEducational Psychology Education School Psychology2013 Eugene S. Huebner (grad student)
Saran LoobyClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2008 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Gundula LuckeManagement Business Administration Business Administration2010 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Joaquin N. LugoExperimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Pharmacology2004 Sandra Kelly (grad student)
Claudia Q. MaClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2009 Fred Medway (grad student)
Spencer MacAdams Psychology Jessica J. Green (grad student)
Alan MackelprangManagement Business Administration Business Administration2011 Manoj K. Malhotra (grad student)
Charles Mactutuslearning, psychopharmacology
Samuel J. MaddoxDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2005 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Stephanie A. Maddoxcellular & molecular mechanisms of fear memory James Appel (research assistant)
Sara E. MahoneyPhysiology Biology, Immunology Exercise Science2011 J. Mark Davis (grad student)
Saudia MajorClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2003 Peter R. Kilmann (grad student)
Manoj K. MalhotraManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Patrick Malone
Garrett K. MandevilleEducational Psychology Education, Technology of Education, Secondary Education
Melissa D. MarinoPublic Health, Nutrition2003 Sandra Kelly (grad student)
Cara E. MarkerClinical Psychology, Black Studies, Public Health2002 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Kellie M. MartinSocial Psychology2007 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Sara M. Matherly Psychology20132018 Jane E. Roberts (grad student)
Frank MayMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology Business Administration2014 Ashwani Monga (grad student)
Michael W. McCall School Psychology2011 Jennifer Vendemia (grad student)
Gable C. McCulloughClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2002 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Hiram L. McDadeSpeech Pathology, Developmental Psychology
Alvin D. McKelvyNeuroscience Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Biomedical Science2009 Sarah M. Sweitzer (grad student)
Dawna R. McKinleyEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education, Special Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2000 Ann W. Engin (grad student)
Caroline G. McKnightDevelopmental Psychology, Oncology2004 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Joselyn McLaughlinExperimental Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2000 Donald A. Powell (grad student)
kristen mclaurin Rose M. Booze (post-doc)
Angela N. McLeodSpeech Pathology2004 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Dylan N. McNamaraGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Work, Clinical Psychology2001 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Samuel D. McQuillin
Douglas E. McTeerEducational Psychology Education, Technology of Education, Secondary Education2004 Garrett K. Mandeville (grad student)
Scott D. McVeighClinical Psychology2005 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Fred MedwayEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education
Fredric MedwayDevelopmental Psychology, Higher Education, Sports Management Business Administration
Frederic J. MedwayIndustrial Psychology
Scott W. Meek Experimental Psychology2012 Jennifer Vendemia (grad student)
Mariano T. MesngonDynein regulation by Lis120032008 Deanna Sue Smith (grad student)
Laura L. Meyers2006 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Narasimha Midde2014 Jun Zhu (grad student)
Husam K. MohammadVirology Biology Biomedical Science2008 Sarah M. Sweitzer (grad student)
Ashwani MongaMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Page M. MooreGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology School Psychology2012 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Robert Davis Moore
Landhing M. Moran Experimental Psychology2013 Rose M. Booze (post-doc), Charles Mactutus (grad student)
Michelle C. MunnellIndustrial Psychology School Psychology2013 Fred Medway (grad student)
Patricia E. MurrayGuidance and Counseling Education, Business Education, Higher Education2003 Joseph Rotter (grad student)
James NebusManagement Business Administration2004 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Jennifer L. NevinsMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration2005 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Roger Newman-NorlundRehabilitation and Therapy, Neuroscience Biology
James NyePsycholinguistics, Deception, Military, Leadership, Climate Experimental Psychology20142017 Jennifer Vendemia (grad student)
Jane C. O'BrienPublic Health, Neuroscience Biology2004 Harriet Williams (grad student)
Chinelo A. OgbuanuPublic Health Health Srv Policy/Mng2009 Saundra L. Glover (grad student)
Barbara B. OswaldBrain Mechanisms Underlying Rabbit Eyeblink Conditioning James Appel (grad student)
Melanie PalomaresVisual perception,normal and abnormal development, VEPs, psychophysics
Jai PandeyNeural Cell Biology
Jai P. Pandey Biological Sciences20072011 Deanna Sue Smith (grad student)
Nan-Sook ParkDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Michele M. ParnellClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2006 Robert E. Deysach (grad student)
Ravi K. PasumarthiPharmacology2006 James R. Fadel (grad student)
Anjali Pathak
Robin R. PenningtonAccounting Business Administration2002 Brad Tuttle (grad student)
Amy E. PerkinsExperimental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Developmental Psychology Experimental Psychology20092014 Sandra Kelly (grad student)
Jonathan C. PettiboneSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2000 Douglas H. Wedell (grad student)
Kathleen M. PhelanDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology2004 Kathleen C. Kirasic (grad student)
Michelle C. Phillips Experimental Psychology2013 Jennifer Vendemia (grad student)
Allison Pierce Psychology Jessica J. Green (grad student)
Carole Holley Pittsvisual perception and attention2010 Melanie Palomares (research assistant)
Delores M. PlutoPublic Health, Health Education, Gerontology2000 John R. Ureda (grad student)
Donald A. PowellExperimental Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Cait PoynorMarketing Business Administration, Experimental Psychology2008 Stacy Wood (grad student)
Tiffany J. PrescottSpecial Education, Speech Pathology Communication Sciences & Disorders2009 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Ron PrinzClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Ronald J. PrinzClinical Psychology
Eve S. PufferClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Nutrition2008 Jeffrey C. Schatz (grad student)
Andrea T. PusserAnxiety and Addictive Behaviors20062008 Ron Prinz (research assistant)
Kristie L. PusterSocial Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Public Health2001 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
Pamela M. Quizondopamine transporter, HIV-1 Tat, Tat protein, neuropharmacology, addiction20142019 Jun Zhu (grad student)
Jase R. RamseyManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2008 Kendall Roth (grad student)
Matthew A. RashotteExperimental Psychology2007 Douglas H. Wedell (grad student)
Lawrence Reaganhippocampus, stress, amygdala, diabetes, glucose, learning and memory
Roberto RefinettiBehavioral neuroscience19801983 Dora Selma Fix Ventura (grad student)
Greg D. Reynolds Psychology20022005 John E. Richards (post-doc)
John E. Richardsdevelopment, visual system
Ben T. RigbyPersonality Psychology2002 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Lesley D. RileyGuidance and Counseling Education2005 Margaret Z. Burggraf (grad student)
Jane E. Roberts
Phyllis K. RobertsonGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology2005 Margaret Z. Burggraf (grad student)
P. D. Rodriguezvisual attention, perceptual organization2004 Gordon C. Baylis (grad student)
Karan M. RomaineGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2002 Joseph Rotter (grad student)
robert roscoe Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Adam T. Ross
Branden M. RothMolecular Biology2006 Vicki Vance (grad student)
Kendall RothManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology
Joseph RotterGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Anthony D. RoundtreeClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, General Religion2007 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Khawaja A. SaeedManagement Business Administration2004 Manoj K. Malhotra (grad student)
Runa SahaDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology School Psychology2011 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Pabitra SahooAxon regeneration Biological Sciences2014 Jeffery L. Twiss (post-doc)
Herman SalzbergClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology Ernest Furtchgott (grad student)
Carmen E. Sanchez Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2012 John E. Richards (grad student)
Jennifer Savitz-SmithGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education2004 Margaret Z. Burggraf (grad student)
Jonathan P. ScacciaOrganization Theory, Clinical Psychology Clinical-Community Psychology2014 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Tammie J. SchaeferAccounting Business Administration, General Business Administration Business Administration2013 Brad Tuttle (grad student)
Jeffrey C. SchatzDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Individual and Family Studies
Jeffery SchatzCognitive Psychology
Alyssa M. SchlenzClinical Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2014 Jeffrey C. Schatz (grad student)
Christie SchuelerClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2011 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Windy SchwederSpecial Education, Technology of Education2004 Cheryl A. Wissick (grad student)
James S. SearsGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education
Julie L. SeligsonClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2004 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Alexandra W. SengClinical Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2009 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Stuart M. SenterCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2000 Douglas H. Wedell (grad student)
Diana C. SeyboltClinical Psychology, Mental Health2000 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
Amanda C. Sharko
Elizabeth A. Shaycognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, composition20132013 Amit Almor (research assistant), Rutvik H. Desai (research assistant)
Liang ShiFXS Biology Deanna Sue Smith (post-doc)
Terence ShimpMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Svetlana Shinkarevadecoding; machine learning; fMRI
Timothy R. SiegesGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Joseph Rotter (grad student)
Janelle Silvers Rose M. Booze (post-doc)
Wendy E. SimmonsEducational Psychology Education, Elementary Education, Individual and Family Studies, Black Studies2001 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Stephanie L. Simon-Dackvisual attention, perceptual organization2005 Gordon C. Baylis (grad student)
Richel Sion-JohnsonBehavioral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Special Education2003 Fred Medway (grad student)
Monteic A. SizerClinical Psychology2000 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
David V. Smithdecision neuroscience, valuation, individual differences20052006 Chris Rorden (research assistant), Gordon C. Baylis (research assistant)
Deanna Sue Smithneural cell biology, motor proteins Li-Huei Tsai (post-doc)
Michael L. Smith Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Deanna S. SmithNeurobiology
Chaundrissa M. SmithSociology of Education, Black Studies, Elementary Education2005 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Terika SmithNeuroscience Biology Biomedical Science2014 Sarah M. Sweitzer (grad student)
Sherika SmithNeuroscience Biology Biomedical Science2014 Sarah M. Sweitzer (grad student)
Jessica Snell-JohnsPsychometrics Psychology, Administration Education2004 Abraham Wandersman (grad student)
Mark D. SolnickBehavioral Psychology School Psychology2010 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Robin L. SosterMarketing Business Administration Business Administration2011 Ashwani Monga (grad student)
Jackson T. SparksGeneral Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Entomology Biology Biological Sciences2012 Richard G. Vogt (grad student)
Melita T. StancilCognitive Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2014 Jeffrey C. Schatz (grad student)
Brielle C Starklanguage production; aphasia; cognitive neuroscience Communication Sciences and Disorders Psychology Psychology Communication Sciences and Disorders Julius Fridriksson (post-doc), Chris Rorden (collaborator), Grigori Yourganov (collaborator), Dirk B. Den Ouden (collaborator)
Gerald Strait Psychology Bradley H. Smith (grad student)
Matthew J. Strauss Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences2016 Jun Zhu (grad student)
Samantha P. Suffoletta-MaierleClinical Psychology, Social Work, Women's Studies, Criminology and Penology2001 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Sarah M. SweitzerNeuroscience Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Jennifer D. TillmannSpecial Education, Secondary Education2000 Laurie Ford (grad student)
Maria D. TolbertIndustrial Psychology, Administration Education2007 Fred Medway (grad student)
Eleni L. TolmaPublic Health, Oncology, Cognitive Psychology2000 John R. Ureda (grad student)
Bridgette L. Tonnsen Department of Psychlogy John E. Richards (grad student)
Ming-Sion TsuangHealth Care Management2003 Saundra L. Glover (grad student)
Jill R. TurnerAddiction, Anxiety, Nicotinic Receptors
Brad TuttleAccounting Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Gerhild UllmannGerontology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2008 Harriet Williams (grad student)
Mark J. UllrichAccounting Business Administration2000 Brad Tuttle (grad student)
Geoffrey C. UrbaniakSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology2005 Peter R. Kilmann (grad student)
John R. UredaPublic Health, Oncology, Cognitive Psychology
Sara W. van DrielBehavioral Psychology, General Education Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2011 Ron Prinz (grad student)
Kathryn Van EckClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Clinical-Comm. Psyc.2014 Mark D. Weist (grad student)
Vicki VanceCell Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience Biology
Jennifer Vendemia
Michelle VieyraAnimal Physiology Biology, Zoology Biology, Ecology Biology2006 Richard G. Vogt (grad student)
Richard G. VogtMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
John D. WaddenMarketing Business Administration2004 Stacy Wood (grad student)
David R. Wallace Rose M. Booze (post-doc)
Drew D. WallaceClinical Psychology2001 Herman Salzberg (grad student)
Abraham WandersmanGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Administration Education, Special Education
Monica D. WeathersSpeech Pathology2000 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Peter D. WeathersMarketing Business Administration2002 Stacy Wood (grad student)
Katy M. Webb Biomedical Science2010 Rose M. Booze (grad student)
Douglas H. WedellSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Mark D. WeistCounseling Psychology, Policy Education, Gender Studies
Claire R. WellbornEducational Psychology Education, English as a Second Language Education School Psychology2011 Scott Huebner (grad student)
Robert WestTemporal Dynamics of Attention and Memory Gordon C. Baylis (grad student)
William B. WestBehavioral Neuropharmacology2000 James Appel (grad student)
Juliet S. WhiteElementary Education, Black Studies2003 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Audrey M. WhitleyGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education School Psychology2010 Eugene S. Huebner (grad student)
Harriet WilliamsPublic Health, Neuroscience Biology
Kevin J WilliamsI/O Psychology1984 Thomas P. Cafferty (grad student)
Shannon M. WilliamsonSpeech Pathology2001 Hiram L. McDade (grad student)
Guillermo M WippoldHealth promotion, CBPR
Cheryl A. WissickSpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education
Ruth Witters-GreenSocial Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2003 Jean A. Linney (grad student)
Stacy WoodMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Damon L. WoodleyRehabilitation and Therapy, Public Health2004 Harriet Williams (grad student)
Jeffrey A. WoodsExercise Immunology and Microbes Public Health J. Mark Davis (grad student)
Shayna A. WrightenNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology Biomedical Science2011 Lawrence Reagan (grad student)
Yi-Jing WuManagement Business Administration2008 Brad Tuttle (grad student)
Wanze XieInfant Cognition and EEG
Shawn D. YoungstedtPublic Health, General Psychology, Military Studies
Jun Zhu
Nickie Zieber John E. Richards (post-doc)
Mark C. ZrullEnrichment, plasticity, behav neurosci James R. Coleman (grad student)