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Rachael E Hokenson research assistant
Valérie Lapointe research assistant University of Lethbridge
Adam Neumann research assistant University of Lethbridge
Raniero L. Peru research assistant University of Arizona
Karim Ali research assistant 2010- University of Lethbridge
Andrea Kolosov research assistant 2012- University of Lethbridge
Leonardo Molina research assistant 2014- University of Lethbridge
Jason L. Gerrard research assistant 1992-1995 University of Arizona
Retsina M. Meyer research assistant 2001 University of Arizona
Lewis Longteng Chen grad student CU Boulder
Sutherland Dube grad student University of Lethbridge
Tom Foster grad student University of Arizona at Tucson
Katalin M. Gothard grad student University of Arizona
Nathan Insel grad student University of Arizona
Mitch Kessler grad student University of Lethbridge - Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
Pat Sharp grad student CU Boulder
William E. Skaggs grad student University of Arizona
Alexander Thome grad student University of Arizona
Megan Torry grad student University of Lethbridge - Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
Jeanne Y. Xie grad student University of Lethbridge
Wing Li Witharana grad student 2012- University of Lethbridge
Sergey A. Chekhov grad student 2013- University of Lethbridge - Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
Zak Stinson grad student 2013- University of Lethbridge
Ivan Marchionni grad student 2014- UC Irvine
Rui Pais grad student 2014- University of Lethbridge
Ingrid Miranda Esteves grad student 2016- University of Lethbridge
HaoRan Chang grad student 2017- University of Lethbridge
Cynthia A. Erickson grad student 1989-1993 University of Arizona (Tucson)
Kari L. Hoffman grad student 2003 University of Arizona
Mark R. Bower grad student 1994-2003 University of Arizona
Alex Terazas grad student 1995-2003 University of Arizona
Stephen L. Cowen grad student 1997-2007 University of Arizona
Gary Ralph Sutherland grad student 2008 University of Arizona
Andrew P. Maurer grad student 2004-2008 University of Arizona
Zaneta Navratilova grad student 2012 University of Arizona
Leonardo Molina grad student 2012-2014 University of Lethbridge
Aubrey Demchuk grad student 2013-2015 University of Lethbridge
Dun Mao grad student 2011-2016 University of Lethbridge
Jarret Michael McKinnon grad student 2015-2017 University of Lethbridge - Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
Francesco P. Battaglia post-doc Univeristy of Arizona
Sandrine Chemla post-doc
Jean-Marc Fellous post-doc University of Arizona
Thomas C. Foster post-doc University of Arizona
Edward J. Green post-doc CU Boulder
Samsoon Inayat post-doc
Xi Jiang post-doc
Min Whan Jung post-doc University of Arizona
Jim Knierim post-doc University of Arizona
Etan J. Markus post-doc University of Arizona
Mayank R. Mehta post-doc University of Arizona
Sheri Mizumori post-doc University of Arizona
Corinne J. Montes-Rodriguez post-doc University of Lethbridge
Douglas Nitz post-doc University of Arizona
Misha Tsodyks post-doc Weizmann Institute
Matthew A. Wilson post-doc University of Arizona
Michael Eckert post-doc 2010- University of Lethbridge
Aaron A. Wilber post-doc 2010- UC Irvine
Elham Ghanbarian post-doc 2014-
Volodymyr Turchenko post-doc 2015-
Chris Duffield post-doc 1991-1995 University of Arizona
Paul Patton post-doc 1992-1995 University of Arizona
Gina R. Poe post-doc 1995-1998 University of Arizona at Tucson
Diano F. Marrone post-doc 2004-2007 University of Arizona
David R. Euston post-doc 2000-2008 University of Arizona
Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi post-doc 2006-2009 University of Arizona
Andrea Gomez Palacio Schjetnan post-doc 2009-2013 The University of Lethbridge
Benjamin J. Clark post-doc 2011-2014 University of Lethbridge: Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
Maurice Needham post-doc 2012-2015 University of Lethbridge
Jennifer Tarnowsky research scientist 2013- Universtity of Lethbridge
Aubrey Demchuk research scientist 2015- University of Lethbridge
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