Terrence J. Sejnowski

Computational Neurobiology Laboratory Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA, United States 
 Neurosciences University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA 
Computation & Theory
"Terrence J. Sejnowski"


Mean distance: 10.45 (cluster 17)


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John Archibald Wheeler research assistant 1970 Princeton (Physics Tree)
 (M. A.)
John J. Hopfield grad student 1978 Princeton
 (A stochastic model of nonlinearly interacting neurons)
Alan Gelperin post-doc 1978-1979 Princeton
Stephen W. Kuffler post-doc 1979-1982 Harvard Medical School


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Dara Ghahremani research assistant Salk Institute
Rachel Nicole Mendelsohn research assistant 2018- Salk Institute
Colin J. Humphries research assistant 1996-1998 Salk Institute
Daniel J. Needleman research assistant 1998-1999 Salk Institute (Chemistry Tree)
Bernhard Englitz research assistant 2001-2002 Salk Institute
Wanying Zhang research assistant 2005-2007 Salk Institute
Cristina Domnisoru research assistant 2007-2009 Salk Institute
Rajeev Vijay Rikhye research assistant 2010-2011 Salk Institute
Nicholas D. Johnson research assistant 2012-2014 Salk Institute
Fish Kunxun Qian research assistant 2017-2018 Salk Institute
Frederic Denis Broccard grad student Salk Institute
Sumantra Shona Chattarji grad student Johns Hopkins
Anup Das grad student
Tzyy-Ping Jung grad student
Ning Qian grad student
Siddharth Siddharth grad student
Vladislav Volman grad student
Laurenz Wiskott grad student HU Berlin
Maxime E. Bonjean grad student 2007- Salk Institute
Kanha Batra grad student 2020- UCSD, Salk
P Read Montague grad student 1991-1992 Salk Institute
Alexandre Pouget grad student 1988-1994 Salk Institute
Zachary F. Mainen grad student 1991-1995 UCSD
Andreas Bartels grad student 1996-1997 Salk Institute
Kwokleung Chan grad student 2002 UCSD
Kevin Franks grad student 1997-2002 UCSD
Arthur R. Houweling grad student 1996-2003 UCSD
Eizaburo Doi grad student 2001-2003 UCSD
Flavio Frohlich grad student 2007 UCSD
Vladimir Mitsner grad student 2007 UCSD
Philip Steven Low grad student 2001-2007 Salk Institute
Shantanu P. Jadhav grad student 2008 UCSD
Daniel X. Keller grad student 2002-2008 UCSD
Shantanu P. Jadhav grad student 2003-2008 UCSD & The Scripps Research Institute
Justin Kinney grad student 2003-2009 UCSD
Jyoti Mishra grad student 2003-2009 UCSD
Hsi-Ping Wang grad student 2011 UCSD
Dongsung Huh grad student 2004-2012 UCSD
Antonio Pinto-Duarte grad student 2008-2013 Salk Institute
Benjamin M. Regner grad student 2014 UCSD
Ben Tsuda grad student 2022 UCSD
Yusi Chen grad student 2018-2022 UCSD
mohammad Samavat grad student 2017-2023 UCSD, Salk
Anthony Bell post-doc Salk Institute
Gregory S. Berns post-doc Salk Institute
Leanne Chukoskie post-doc Salk Institute
Jesus M Cortes post-doc Salk Institute
Peter Dayan post-doc Salk Institute
Kenji Doya post-doc Salk Institute
David Eagleman post-doc Salk Institute
Jean-Marc Fellous post-doc UCSD
Andrea R. Hasenstaub post-doc Salk Institute
Chi-Yu Lai post-doc
Sidney R. Lehky post-doc Salk Institute
Michael S. Lewicki post-doc Salk Institute
Shawn R. Lockery post-doc The Salk Institute for Biological Studies & UCSD
William Lytton post-doc SUNY
Martin J. McKeown post-doc Salk Institute
Samat Moldakarimov post-doc Salk Institute
Suhita Nadkarni post-doc
Steven R. Quartz post-doc Salk Institute
Philip N. Sabes post-doc Salk Institute
Saeed Saremi post-doc Salk Institute
Laura M. Schultz post-doc Salk Institute
Odelia Schwartz post-doc Salk Institute
Jeremy K. Seamans post-doc Salk Institute
Patric K. Stanton post-doc Johns Hopkins
Paul Tiesinga post-doc Salk Institute
Romain Veltz post-doc
Xin Wang post-doc The Salk Institute for Biological Studies & UCSD
Rich S. Zemel post-doc Salk Institute
Leif Gibb post-doc 2009- Salk Institute
Eran A. Mukamel post-doc 2011- Salk Institute
Krishnan Padmanabhan post-doc 2012- Salk Institute
Paul A Viola post-doc 1995 Salk Institute (LinguisTree)
Alain Destexhe post-doc 1992-1995 Free University of Brussels
Geoffrey J. Goodhill post-doc 1995-1996 Salk Institute
Akaysha C. Tang post-doc 1995-1997 Salk Institute
Venkatesh N. Murthy post-doc 1994-1998 Salk Institute
Brian Ross Christie post-doc 1996-1999 The Salk Insitute for Biological Studies
Rajesh P. Rao post-doc 1997-2000 Salk Institute
Gabriele Scheler post-doc 1998-2001 Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and University of California, San Diego
Emilio Salinas post-doc 1999-2001 Salk Institute
Kechen Zhang post-doc 1996-2002
Arnaud Delorme post-doc 2000-2003 Salk Institute
Peter J. Thomas post-doc 2000-2004 Salk Institute
Klaus M. Stiefel post-doc 2002-2006 Salk Institute
Steven A. Prescott post-doc 2005-2007 Salk Institute
Dejan Vucinic post-doc 2004-2009 Salk Institute
Cian O'Donnell post-doc 2012-2015 Salk Institute
Monika P. Jadi post-doc 2010-2017 Salk Institute
Antonio Pinto-Duarte post-doc 2014-2017 Institute for Neural Computation, University of California, San Diego
Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana post-doc 2020-2022 Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and University of California, San Diego
mohammad Samavat post-doc 2023-2025 UCSD, Salk
Jay S. Coggan research scientist Salk Institute
Carolyn J. Lacey research scientist 2013- Salk Institute
Joel Grayson Yancey research scientist 2019- Salk Institute
Maxim Bazhenov research scientist 1997-2008 Salk Institute
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