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Alessio Attardo (Info) Man Planck Institute of Psychiatry Learning and memory, hippocampus, in vivo optical imaging Attardo 2015‑04‑15 Sim
Kwabena Boahen (Info) Stanford Silicon Retinas, Neuromorphic Systems siliconbrain 2007‑10‑11 Sim
Chia-Jung Chang (Info) Johns Hopkins Auditory Cortex dchang10597 2014‑04‑03 Sim
Xiaomo Chen (Info) UC Davis Visual attention and decision making Xiaomo 2013‑09‑21 Sim
Karl Deisseroth (Info) Stanford optogenetics, neural stem cell circuit engineering eboyden3 2005‑11‑04 Sim
Teresa Meng (Info) Stanford Signal Processing kemere 2010‑07‑08 Sim
Tirin Moore (Info) Stanford hayden 2005‑01‑15 Sim
Mark Schnitzer (Info) Stanford in vivo imaging eboyden3 2005‑11‑04 Sim
Krishna V. Shenoy (Info) Stanford Motor control / prostheses david 2005‑01‑17 Sim
Eric M. Trautmann (Info) Stanford Motor Control, Optimal Feedback Control, Dynamical Systems etrautmann 2011‑10‑11 Sim
Ofer Yizhar (Info) Weizmann Institute Optogenetics, prefrontal cortex, social behavior, autism, synaptic transmission oferyizhar 2012‑10‑27 Sim
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