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Wael F. Asaad (Info) Brown systems neuroscience, neurosurgery ekmiller 2005‑09‑06 Sim
J Donald Easton (Info) Brown University / Rhode Island Hospital Stroke clafrance 2013‑03‑21 Sim
W Curt LaFrance, Jr (Info) Brown University / Rhode Island Hospital / Providence VA Seizures, Somatoform Disorders, TBI, Neuropsychiatry clafrance 2013‑03‑21 Sim
Eunjeong Lee (Info) Brown, NIMH/NIH Decision Making, Frontal-Striatal circuits, Dopamine-Acetylcholine interaction scally12 2015‑03‑27 Sim
Louise A Stolz (Info) UCSD Neurosciences Clinical neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, imaging louisestolz 2020‑10‑04 Sim
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