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Herbert P. Alpern (Info) CU Boulder Behavioral genetics crabbe 2008‑08‑21 Sim
Jim Barr (Info) UC San Diego Health TDMcIntyre 2019‑09‑03 Sim
Dave Chiszar (Info) CU - Boulder TDMcIntyre 2019‑08‑30 Sim
John C. Crabbe (Info) OHSU behavioral genetics, ethanol, gene environment interaction, mouse behavior, selective breeding, ethanol withdrawal, ethanol binge drinking rustayn 2006‑10‑04 Sim
Eva Fifkova (Info) CU Boulder Focused on synaptic plasticity in the fine structure of nervous tissue with respect to learning and memory, aging and alcoholism; actin, calcium, hippocampal dendritic spines, electron microscopy TDMcIntyre 2016‑05‑01 Sim
Philip M. Groves (Info) UCSD Basal Ganglia memartone 2009‑01‑16 Sim
Marvin W. Luttges (Info) CU - Boulder TDMcIntyre 2019‑10‑07 Sim
Ronald J. MacGregor (Info) CU - Boulder TDMcIntyre 2019‑09‑03 Sim
Steven F. Maier (Info) CU Boulder Adaptation to Challenge hammack 2006‑10‑28 Sim
John G. Marriott (Info) CU Boulder TDMcIntyre 2019‑08‑31 Sim
Gerald E. McClearn (Info) UC Berkeley Biopsychology GeertJDeVries 2013‑03‑27 Sim
Lawrence J. Ryan (Info) Oregon State kbclarkphd 2015‑10‑23 Sim
Barbara Sanders (Info) CU Boulder TDMcIntyre 2019‑09‑03 Sim
Kurt Schlesinger (Info) CU Boulder Endocrinology, genetics, seizure, effects of alochol and nictotine on nervous system TDMcIntyre 2016‑06‑10 Sim
Seth K. Sharpless (Info) CU Boulder Stimulation of brain reward centers, habituation in the mammalian brain, effects of drugs of abuse on the nervous system, denervation supersensitivity, sedative hypnotics TDMcIntyre 2016‑06‑10 Sim
Timothy K. Smock (Info) CU - Boulder TDMcIntyre 2019‑08‑30 Sim
James Russell Wilson (Info) CU Boulder Behavioral Genetics; Hormones jrusswilson 2016‑11‑30 Sim
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