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Dionisio A Amodeo (Info) California State University San Bernardino Learning and Memory, Serotonin DionisioAmodeo 2017‑09‑26 Sim
Stuart R. Ellins (Info) California State University San Bernardino taste aversion; coyotes tresthompson 2009‑11‑23 Sim
Sergio D. Iniguez (Info) Cal State San Bernardino siniguez 2011‑07‑28 Sim
Frederick A. Newton (Info) California State University San Bernardino EEG; biofeedback tresthompson 2009‑11‑23 Sim
Lace M. Riggs (Info) California State University San Bernardino, University of Maryland Medical School Neuropsychopharmacology, Neurophysiology, Behavioral Neuroscience sjnieto 2015‑09‑23 Sim
Lucien T. Thompson (Info) UT Dallas learning & memory, aging, calcium-dependent potassium channels, NRs, nootropics tresthompson 2009‑11‑23 Sim
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