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Carl J. Bassi (Info) University of Missouri-St Louis visual system peckc 2007‑08‑09 Sim
Antoine Bechara (Info) USC decision hayden 2005‑10‑13 Sim
Bradley M. Cooke (Info) Georgia State Sexual differentiation, synaptic plasticity, puberty, juvenile play behavior brcooke 2005‑03‑26 Sim
Antonio Damasio (Info) USC neurology, neuropsychology hayden 2005‑10‑13 Sim
Alfredo A. Sadun (Info) USC optic nerve dysfunction in patients with Alzheimer's disease peckc 2007‑08‑09 Sim
Richard B. Simerly (Info) OHSU, USC chong 2007‑04‑05 Sim
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