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Samit Chakrabarty (Info) University of Leeds Spinal Neurophysiology, Interneurones, suprsapinal control sc808 2008‑04‑20 Sim
Nathan H Ehrlich (Info) Columbia Medical Center SAMD9L, Ataxia, Multiple Sclerosis, Demyelination, re-myelination, CIDP, Neuropathy Nathe18 2021‑06‑23 Sim
J. Eric Gouaux (Info) OHSU molecular mechanisms for the function of receptors and transporters at chemical synapses mayermlm 2009‑12‑09 Sim
Willard Allen Hauser (Info) Columbia Medical Center cgutierrez2 2022‑10‑29 Sim
Karl Kandler (Info) University of Pittsburgh cab 2006‑04‑22 Sim
Karen S. Marder (Info) Columbia Medical Center akr7 2017‑05‑05 Sim
Arjun V. Masurkar (Info) NYU School of Medicine Alzheimer disease arjun 2009‑01‑13 Sim
Richard Mayeux (Info) Columbia abarrett 2007‑10‑14 Sim
Ashwini K. Rao (Info) Columbia Huntington's disease, Essential Tremor, Parkinson's Disease, gait, hand movements, motor control ag275 2010‑04‑12 Sim
Ralph L Sacco (Info) University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Columbia University - College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Mailman School of Public Health Neurology, Epidemiology, Genetics, Neuroscience cgutierrez2 2022‑10‑14 Sim
Joshua Sturm (Info) Columbia Medical Center kkarl 2022‑02‑21 Sim
Osamu Uemura (Info) Columbia Spina cord tbonezjp 2008‑05‑08 Sim
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