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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Michael J. Berridge (Info) Cambridge Neuronal calcium, cell signalling, inositol trisphosphate oconnorr 2008‑10‑01 Sim
Jonathan M. Blagburn (Info) Institute of Neurobiology Univ of Puerto Rico Med Sci Campus synapse development, synaptic morphology and physiology msosa 2008‑11‑11 Sim
Jonathan A. David (Info) blagburn 2015‑01‑24 Sim
Ian D. Harrow (Info) blagburn 2015‑01‑24 Sim
Gabriel Horn (Info) Cambridge Neural plasticity, learning, development mark 2006‑10‑27 Sim
Sarah C. Lummis (Info) Cambridge blagburn 2015‑01‑24 Sim
Robert D. Pinnock (Info) blagburn 2015‑01‑24 Sim
C.H.F. Rowell (Info) University of Basel Neuroethology Mulloney 2008‑06‑12 Sim
David B. Sattelle (Info) UCL blagburn 2008‑11‑18 Sim
Barry Andrew Trimmer (Info) Tufts Invertebrate neurobiology, robotics Kathy 2006‑04‑11 Sim
Keith A. Wafford (Info) Eli Lilly blagburn 2015‑01‑24 Sim
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