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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Niels Birbaumer (Info) Inst Med Psychol Behav Neurobiol University of Tuebingen Feedback; Biological Psychology lotze 2006‑07‑31 Sim
Manfred Eckert (Info) Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena neuropeptides, biogenic amines, insect physiology christian.wegener 2021‑08‑06 Sim
Manfred Gersch (Info) Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena christian.wegener 2021‑08‑06 Sim
Wolfgang H. R. Miltner (Info) Friedrich Schiller University Jena pain, error processing, decision-making, reinforcement learning, hypnosis, anxiety, motor rehabilitation miltner 2009‑05‑22 Sim
Thomas Straube (Info) Friedrich Schiller University Jena attention, anxiety, pain, conditioning, face processing miltner 2009‑11‑15 Sim
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