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David J Brooks (Info) Hammersmith Hospital alain_dagher 2017‑08‑14 Sim
Alain Dagher (Info) McGill Addiction, Parkinson's Disease bnjclk 2007‑04‑29 Sim
Chris Frith (Info) UCL cognitive neuroscience, social interaction 2005‑10‑18 Sim
Terry Jones (Info) Hammersmith Hospital neuro-imaging, brain metabolism and blood flow jandh 2014‑09‑20 Sim
Philip McGuire (Info) King's College sbenetti 2017‑10‑24 Sim
Eraldo Paulesu (Info) University of Milano-Bicocca, IT cognitive neuropsycholoy, functional imaging, reading, working memory, motor control and awareness, motor imagery, aging, memory, dyslexia, spatial neglect, anosognosia, Tourette syndrome eraldo.paulesu 2016‑06‑16 Sim
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