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Atalay Ata (Info) Universität Bonn, Hannover Medical School, MDI Biological Laboratory, Colby College Alzheimer's disease, tau, ribosome, C. elegans atalayata 2018‑12‑19 Sim
Francisco Barcelo (Info) University of the Balearic Islands Neuropsychology, psychophysiology, prefrontal function, EEG enyhus 2007‑12‑14 Sim
Alice Burghard (Info) Hannover Medical School akral 2022‑11‑02 Sim
Roger Calixto (Info) Hannover Medical School Auditory neuroscience, neuroprosthetics rogercalixto 2011‑02‑25 Sim
Christoph Fahlke (Info) Hannover Medical School Neurophysiology delany.torres 2009‑08‑06 Sim
Mareike Finke (Info) University of Barcelona, Spain, Hannover Medical School fbarcelo 2021‑03‑08 Sim
Jennie Garcia-Olivares (Info) University of Pittsburgh Neurosciences delany.torres 2009‑08‑28 Sim
Petra Margarete Klinge (Info) Brown fgpucci 2017‑04‑09 Sim
Andrej Kral (Info) Hannover Medical School auditory system, cochlear implants, development david 2016‑07‑13 Sim
Andrej Kral (Info) Hannover Medical School cochlear implants, brain plasticity, development, auditory system, learning, neuroprosthetics akral 2022‑11‑02 Sim
Rüdiger Land (Info) Hannover Medical School akral 2022‑11‑02 Sim
Hubert H. Lim (Info) UMN Auditory neuroscience, Auditory implants rogercalixto 2011‑02‑26 Sim
Martin J. Lohse (Info) University of Wurzburg Pharmacology; Receptors; Cell Signaling MartinLohse 2015‑10‑28 Sim
Mihai Manu (Info) Hannover Medical School Retina manumihai 2012‑09‑25 Sim
Majid Samii (Info) Hannover Medical School fgpucci 2017‑04‑09 Sim
Mathias Voigt (Info) Hannover Medical School akral 2022‑11‑02 Sim
Ruthild G. Weber (Info) Hannover Medical School MartinLohse 2015‑10‑28 Sim
Karin Weissenborn (Info) Hannover Medical School OAC73 2021‑11‑17 Sim
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