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Richard L. Bell (Info) Indiana University Med Sch alcohol, addiction, adolescent drug abuse snap 2011‑03‑10 Sim
Satoshi Ikemoto (Info) NIDA reward, neurocircuitry, motivation snap 2011‑03‑10 Sim
William J McBride (Info) Indiana University Med Sch addiction, alcohol, neurocircuitry, neurobiology, biochemistry snap 2011‑03‑10 Sim
David McKinzie (Info) Eli Lilly addiction snap 2011‑03‑10 Sim
James M. Murphy (Info) Indiana University Sch of Med alcohol, neurobiology, addiction snap 2011‑03‑10 Sim
Zachary A. Rodd (Info) Indiana University Med Sch Alcohol, reward neurocircuitry snap 2011‑03‑10 Sim
Jamie E. Toalston (Info) Indiana University Med Sch Addiction, Alcohol, Adolescence, olmey 2011‑06‑13 Sim
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