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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Andrea Brovelli (Info) CNRS, Marseille Neural Basis of Instrumental Learning brovelli 2006‑03‑21 Sim
frederic chavane (Info) CNRS visual system, motion integration chavane 2007‑07‑19 Sim
Laurent Goffart (Info) CNRS Oculomotor Neurophysiology, Saccade, Fixation, Eye-Head nicolascatz 2006‑11‑05 Sim
Guillaume Masson (Info) Institut de Neurosciences Cognitives de la Méditerranée Visual System JDrewes 2008‑06‑09 Sim
Laurent Perrinet (Info) CNRS Marseille Visual system, computational neuroscience simon.thorpe 2008‑10‑14 Sim
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