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Ivan E. de Araujo (Info) Yale Neurophysiology freire 2008‑11‑24 Sim
Norma Graham (Info) Columbia hanks 2005‑10‑13 Sim
Barry G. Green (Info) The John B. Pierce Laboratory taste, chemesthesis, flavor, temperature, touch, pain bggreen 2011‑08‑24 Sim
Lawrence Eduard Marks (Info) J. B. Pierce / Yale Medical School Multisensory Integration shavit 2010‑08‑23 Sim
Seth K. Sharpless (Info) CU Boulder Stimulation of brain reward centers, habituation in the mammalian brain, effects of drugs of abuse on the nervous system, denervation supersensitivity, sedative hypnotics TDMcIntyre 2016‑06‑10 Sim
Adam Y. Shavit (Info) J. B. Pierce / Yale Medical School Vision, Chemosensation shavit 2010‑08‑23 Sim
Luis A. Tellez (Info) Yale Gut-Brain Axis, Gustatory System, Reward System, Multi-electrode recordings, ingestive behavior, obesity, Protein Folding, Misfolding, zellet 2009‑06‑03 Sim
Patrick D. Wall (Info) UCL Pain, neuropathology, neuroplasticity tcoderre 2006‑11‑13 Sim
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