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Isaac Chiu (Info) Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School Pain, Neuro-immune interactions ichiu 2010‑05‑20 Sim
David Cox (Info) Rowland Institute, Harvard Object recognition rust 2008‑11‑24 Sim
Catherine Dulac (Info) Harvard Olfaction JLand52 2005‑01‑26 Sim
David Henry Gire (Info) University of Washington Olfactory system, Neurophysiology, Behavioral Neuroscience GireD 2009‑09‑05 Sim
Akari Hagiwara (Info) University of Yamanashi Neuroscience akarih 2011‑01‑11 Sim
Jian Liu (Info) MCB Harvard University Visual neuroscience, GABA receptors jliu19104 2008‑11‑12 Sim
Tom Maniatis (Info) Harvard, Columbia Regulation of RNA Transcription and Splicing, The Role of Neuroinflammation in ALS, Neurobiology of Disease, Synapses and Circuits, Stem Cell Biology, ALS Disease Mechanisms, Genetic Basis of Neurological Diseases tedabel 2006‑12‑31 Sim
Venkatesh N. Murthy (Info) Harvard information processing by neural circuits hanks 2005‑10‑13 Sim
Ben Vermaercke (Info) Harvard Visual neuroscience, rodent extrastriate cortex, 2-photon, population coding benvermaercke 2010‑07‑29 Sim
Shlomo Wagner (Info) University of Haifa Olfaction, Vomeronasal system, social interactions, oxytocin swagner 2009‑11‑24 Sim
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