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Anne Marie Aimola Davies (Info) Australian National University and University of Oxford visual neglect and anosognosia Anne Aimola 2007‑09‑08 Sim
Ronald Ernest Aitchison (Info) Macquarie University typewriter for the blind neurophile 2008‑04‑22 Sim
David Alais (Info) University of Sydney Vision - audition Verstraten 2005‑12‑19 Sim
Derek H. Arnold (Info) University of Queensland Perception 2009‑04‑11 Sim
Andrew J Baillie (Info) Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney Clinical psychology psychometrics comorbidity alcohol anxiety implementation science evidence based practice AndrewBaillie 2019‑07‑31 Sim
Amanda Jane Barnier (Info) Macquarie University hypnosis, autobiographical memory, social memory, collaborative recall, collective memory AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Karen Bayly (Info) pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
Charles D. Blaha (Info) University of Memphis anovick 2011‑06‑16 Sim
Kevin R. Brooks (Info) Macquarie University Vision, Psychophysics 2008‑06‑29 Sim
Ruth Brunsdon (Info) MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Darren Burke (Info) Newcastle Evolution, vision, face perception 2008‑07‑04 Sim
Thomas A. Carlson (Info) Macquarie University, University of Maryland visual system, human behavior david 2009‑06‑27 Sim
Nathan Caruana (Info) Macquarie University Awoolgar 2017‑07‑30 Sim
John R. Cass (Info) University of Sydney Visual psychophysics johncass 2009‑04‑06 Sim
Anne Castles (Info) Macquarie University Reading, developmental dyslexia annecastles 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Ken Cheng (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney animal cognition Gallistel 2009‑06‑14 Sim
Colin Clifford (Info) University of Sydney vision, including how we perceive motion and orientation, how we recognise the expressions of faces, how context affects our perception of lightness and colour, and how our visual awareness might be related to the underlying neural processing feiler 2007‑01‑31 Sim
Max Coltheart (Info) Macquarie University Reading aloud, speech production, cognitive modeling paul.dux 2006‑10‑25 Sim
Veronika Coltheart (Info) Macquarie University paul.dux 2006‑10‑25 Sim
Adam Congleton (Info) Macquarie University memory AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Michael Connors (Info) Macquarie University hypnosis AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Rochelle Cox (Info) Macquarie University hypnosis AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Kim Michelle Curby (Info) Macquarie University smost 2006‑12‑12 Sim
Ross Henry Day (Info) Monash University, La Trobe University, University of Sydney vision paul.dux 2006‑10‑25 Sim
Paul E. Dux (Info) University of Queensland Attention, fMRI, dual-tasking paul.dux 2006‑10‑25 Sim
Chris Evans (Info) Macquarie University jasoha 2014‑09‑15 Sim
Matthew S. Finkbeiner (Info) Macquarie University lexical access, masked priming, bilingual speech production niniella 2009‑07‑15 Sim
Gina L. Forster (Info) University of South Dakota Anxiety, Additction anovick 2011‑06‑16 Sim
Cody Freas (Info) Macquarie University animal cognition VladP 2014‑07‑18 Sim
Jason Friedman (Info) Tel Aviv University motor control jasonfriedman 2010‑05‑10 Sim
Naama Friedmann (Info) Tel Aviv University Neuropsychology of language 036405257 2010‑03‑14 Sim
J. P. Gerber (Info) Gordon College personality, social psychology, psychometrics, jpgerber 2016‑12‑09 Sim
Ann Goodchild (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney TashK 2016‑03‑17 Sim
Ann K. Goodchild (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney TashK 2016‑03‑17 Sim
Jacqueline Goodnow (Info) Macquarie University marsiske 2018‑08‑14 Sim
Cassandra Govan (Info) Macquarie University KWilliams 2016‑06‑21 Sim
Andrea Griffin (Info) pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
O. Scott Gwinn (Info) Macquarie University Face perception 2009‑12‑22 Sim
Celia B. Harris (Info) Macquarie University memory, collaborative recall celiaharris 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Irina M. Harris (Info) University of Sydney paul.dux 2006‑10‑25 Sim
Marina Haywood (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Laura E. Hughes (Info) Macquarie University Anne Aimola 2011‑08‑06 Sim
Laura E. Hughes (Info) Macquarie University Anne Aimola 2011‑08‑06 Sim
Jade B Jackson (Info) Macquarie University Awoolgar 2017‑07‑30 Sim
Mark Edward Johnson (Info) Macquarie University Language Sciences jandh 2015‑03‑20 Sim
Jean M. Joss (Info) Macquarie University anovick 2012‑09‑12 Sim
David M. Kaplan (Info) Macquarie University Sensorimotor transformation, Motor planning, Motor Learning, Parietal Cortex DavidMKaplan 2010‑08‑15 Sim
Hamid Karimi-Rouzbahani (Info) Macquarie University Visual system, Object recognition, Attention hkarimi 2017‑09‑11 Sim
Natasha N. Kumar (Info) UNSW Australia Autonomic systems, molecular neuroscience TashK 2016‑03‑17 Sim
Robyn Langdon (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Yu Li (Info) Macquarie University visual word recognition, speech perception CharlesLee 2018‑02‑11 Sim
Yu Li (Info) Macquarie University, Sydney Reading, Visual word recognition Li 2016‑12‑16 Sim
Anna Ma-Wyatt (Info) University of Adelaide visual psychophysics, visuomotor control, eye movements annamw 2009‑08‑12 Sim
Ryan McKay (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Catherine M. McMahon (Info) Macquarie University Auditory physiology, audiology gobeirne 2009‑10‑07 Sim
Lyndsey Nickels (Info) Aphasia, language davidhoward 2008‑07‑17 Sim
Terry J Ord (Info) University of New South Wales (Australia), Harvard, Indiana University, UC Davis, Macquarie University Evolutionary biology, behavioural ecology pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
Richard Peters (Info) pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
Selene Petit (Info) Macquarie University Awoolgar 2017‑07‑30 Sim
Vince Polito (Info) Macquarie University hypnosis, agency AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
Melanie Porter (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Stephen Pritchard (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Ronald Rapee (Info) Macquarie University (Australia) AndreR 2016‑11‑28 Sim
Serje M Robidoux (Info) Macquarie University serjepedia 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Laura Schmalzl (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Teresa M. Schubert (Info) Macquarie University, Harvard reading, cognitive neuropsychology, spelling schubertt 2016‑03‑31 Sim
Ian Simpson (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29 Sim
Jacqui E. Smith (Info) Max Planck Institut für Bildungsforschung, University of Michigan, Macquarie University Psychological functioning, health and well being in midlife and old age marsiske 2018‑08‑13 Sim
K-Lynn Smith (Info) Macquarie University pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
Stuart T. Smith (Info) University of Tasmania Vision, Vestibular System 2008‑06‑29 Sim
Charles Beason Stone (Info) John Jay College of Criminal Justice memory AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
John Sutton (Info) Macquarie University philosophy, memory AmandaBarnier 2013‑10‑19 Sim
William Forde Thompson (Info) Macquarie University Music perception and performance DonutOfTonality 2009‑10‑07 Sim
Caroline Tomiczek (Info) Macquarie University Implicit learning Darrencburke 2010‑03‑19 Sim
Tomokazu Ushitani (Info) Chiba University Comparative cognition cthibua 2012‑12‑30 Sim
Rick van der Zwan (Info) Southern Cross University Vision peterw 2008‑12‑30 Sim
Daniel Van Dyk (Info) anthonyvd 2015‑03‑30 Sim
Michael J. Watt (Info) University of South Dakota anovick 2011‑06‑16 Sim
Kimberley Weldon (Info) Macquarie University Awoolgar 2017‑07‑30 Sim
Peter Wenderoth (Info) Macquarie University Visual system Verstraten 2006‑04‑03 Sim
Ladd Wheeler (Info) Macquarie University Social comparison, behavioral contagion, physical attractiveness, and social interaction. ngrunberg 2013‑02‑19 Sim
Kipling D. Williams (Info) Purdue Social Psychology pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim
Mark A. Williams (Info) MIT 2007‑04‑11 Sim
David Wilson (Info) pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
Quincy JJ Wong (Info) University of New South Wales AndreR 2016‑11‑28 Sim
Kevin Woo (Info) pwaser 2014‑11‑03 Sim
Alexandra Woolgar (Info) Macquarie University Cognitive control, neuroimaging, visual cognition Awoolgar 2017‑07‑30 Sim
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