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Hiuko N. Adams (Info) Mercer University Bioinformatics Biology, Higher Education Administration Education, Leadership Education pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Adesewa Akande (Info) Mercer University College of Pharmacy GannonB 2019‑12‑06 Sim
Maria H. Anastasiades (Info) Mercer University mindfulness, healthcare providers, behavioral health, severe mental illness, cardiac psychology mariaha 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Kathy A. Arnett (Info) Mercer University Administration Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education pq 2016‑07‑01 Sim
Elaine M. Artman (Info) Mercer University Cognitive Psychology, Higher Education, GLBT Studies pq 2016‑07‑30 Sim
Alleena G. Bennett (Info) Mercer University KCH 2017‑02‑24 Sim
Lindsey Bigham (Info) Mercer University lbigham 2016‑06‑13 Sim
Brittney C. Brown (Info) Mercer University brittneycbrown 2019‑07‑27 Sim
Neha Chitre (Info) Mercer University College of Pharmacy GannonB 2019‑12‑06 Sim
Meghan W. Cody (Info) UVA Anxiety disorders, cognitive processing mwc2d 2009‑04‑28 Sim
Bailey C. Correll (Info) Mercer University Clinical Psychology, Adoption, Alternative Family Formation, Resilience, Suicide, bcorrell 2016‑06‑14 Sim
Cassandra D. Crute (Info) Mercer University Leadership Education, Community College Education, Entrepreneurship Business Administration pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Melissa M. Cruz (Info) Mercer University Higher Education, Policy Education, Leadership Education, Hispanic American Studies pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Heather Cygan (Info) Mercer University Atlanta HCygan 2019‑07‑14 Sim
Charlie A. Davidson (Info) Mercer University Severe and persistent mental illness, social cognition, psychometrics, stigma, sleep difficulties brittneycbrown 2019‑07‑27 Sim
Brian L. Dawson (Info) Mercer University Higher Education Administration Education, Higher Education pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Kelly Deragon (Info) Mercer University Atlanta Kderagon 2019‑07‑15 Sim
Shannon Drabek (Info) Mercer University autism spectrum disorders shannonldrabek 2018‑07‑24 Sim
Dennis B. Drummond (Info) Mercer University Leadership Education, Finance Education, Policy Education, Administration Education pq 2016‑07‑02 Sim
Laura Kathryn Ellison (Info) Mercer University Atlanta Forensics lauraellison 2019‑07‑26 Sim
Vincent Fitch (Info) Mercer University Atlanta tony.stillman 2019‑07‑30 Sim
Crystal Frazier (Info) Mercer University Community College Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Continuing Education pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Shannon Healy Friederich (Info) Sfriederich 2019‑07‑30 Sim
Yvonne A. Fritz (Info) Mercer University Developmental Disorders in Children YFritz16 2016‑05‑15 Sim
Brenda M. Gannon (Info) Mercer University College of Pharmacy, UAMS GannonB 2017‑06‑08 Sim
Keegan Greenier (Info) University of Georgia lbigham 2016‑06‑13 Sim
Alexander Griskell (Info) Mercer University peacemeal 2019‑07‑28 Sim
Chase Vaughn Grosse (Info) Mercer University Health Psychology CVGrosse 2017‑03‑27 Sim
Olivia A. Gupton (Info) Mercer University health psychology, chronic pain, trauma ogupton 2016‑06‑14 Sim
Kelsie C. Harding (Info) Mercer University KCH 2017‑02‑24 Sim
K.C. Hewitt (Info) Mercer University khewitt5 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Angela V. Hudson (Info) University of North Florida, Mercer University avhudson 2019‑07‑28 Sim
Ransom T. Hurt (Info) Mercer University Higher Education Administration Education, Business Education pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Leon A. Hyer (Info) Lehigh University, Duke University School of Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine JLyles 2016‑06‑13 Sim
William J. Jenkins (Info) Mercer University Behavioral Neuroscience wjenkinsaa 2009‑02‑12 Sim
Christian N. Klepper (Info) Mercer University ck 2017‑03‑03 Sim
Jessica Lazer (Info) Georgia State neuropsychology rach1285 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Jessica L. Lyles (Info) Mercer University Dementia, TBI, Cardiac JLyles 2016‑06‑13 Sim
Christopher B. Macklin (Info) Mercer University Music cmacklin 2011‑05‑31 Sim
Sarai Mapp (Info) Mercer University Neuroscience SaraiMapp 2019‑10‑16 Sim
Craig Marker (Info) Mercer University Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Behavioral Psychology pq 2016‑03‑29 Sim
LaTonia N. Massey (Info) Mercer University Leadership Education, Secondary Education, Special Education pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Christina R. Mayfield (Info) Mercer University Anxiety disorders crmayfield4 2018‑07‑30 Sim
Laura C. McKenzie (Info) Mercer University LCMcKenzie2 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Cameron Miller (Info) Georgia State Alcohol mediated Aggression pq 2015‑11‑10 Sim
Tonya C Miller Roberts (Info) Mercer University SES, SPMI, pediatrics tmr1 2018‑07‑27 Sim
Christine M. Mullen (Info) Mercer University Neuropsychology, Health Psychology ch887552 2016‑06‑13 Sim
Kevin S. Murnane (Info) Yerkes National Primate Research Center / Emory University, Mercer University College of Pharmacy behavioral pharmacology, MRI, drug discrimination, self-administration wfanteg 2010‑03‑30 Sim
Katie V. Northcutt (Info) Michigan State behavioral neuroendocrinology, sex differences, social beahvior kt 2007‑10‑05 Sim
Shalani Offord (Info) Mercer University agwhitney 2018‑07‑30 Sim
Aboagyewaah Oppong-Damoah (Info) Mercer University College of Pharmacy GannonB 2019‑12‑06 Sim
Dominic J. Parrott (Info) Georgia State Alcohol mediated Aggression Zeichner 2012‑02‑17 Sim
Smital Patil (Info) Mercer University College of Pharmacy GannonB 2019‑12‑06 Sim
Lauren Elizabeth Pierson (Info) Mercer University, Middle Georgia State University LaurenPierson1 2017‑04‑23 Sim
Renato Popovic (Info) Mercer University rpopovic07 2018‑07‑30 Sim
Jennifer Poulos (Info) Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University KCH 2017‑02‑24 Sim
Anna-Leigh Powell (Info) Mercer University al91 2016‑06‑07 Sim
Miranda Pratt (Info) Mercer University LCMcKenzie2 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Andrea T. Pusser (Info) Mercer University Anxiety and Addictive Behaviors apusser 2016‑05‑12 Sim
Phil Raines III (Info) Mercer University forensic psychology, neuropsychology, clinical psychology propoet 2019‑07‑13 Sim
Azizi Ray (Info) Mercer University College of Pharmacy GannonB 2019‑12‑06 Sim
Gretchen M. Richards (Info) Mercer University Cognitive Psychology, Higher Education, GLBT Studies pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Sheldon H. Rifkin (Info) University of Tennessee khewitt5 2016‑06‑14 Sim
Joshua S. Rodefer (Info) Mercer University Behavioral Pharmacology rodefer 2009‑05‑16 Sim
Rachael Rogers (Info) Mercer University rach1285 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Carly I. Salzberg (Info) Mercer University Atlanta Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Eating Disorders, Diabetes carlysalzberg 2019‑07‑17 Sim
M. Scott Smith (Info) Mercer University Atlanta healthypsyc 2019‑07‑30 Sim
Elizabeth M. Soety (Info) University of South Florida Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology pq 2016‑04‑20 Sim
Mark A. Stillman (Info) Mercer University Atlanta, Nova Southeastern University, Florida, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Mental Health pq 2016‑02‑21 Sim
Krystal S. Tomsky-Jackson (Info) Mercer University Neuropsychology, dementia, suicide krysstj 2016‑05‑17 Sim
Tayler Nichole Turnquist (Info) Mercer University Clinical Psychology TaylerT 2019‑07‑28 Sim
Sarah R Vitale (Info) Mercer University SarahVitale 2019‑07‑29 Sim
Kristin AJ Wagner (Info) Mercer University Clinical Psychology K.A.J.W. 2016‑05‑31 Sim
Martha Ward (Info) Emory peacemeal 2019‑07‑28 Sim
Kelsey A Winters (Info) Mercer University kelseyw216 2017‑04‑24 Sim
Jymmyca L. Wyatt (Info) Mercer University Health Education, Community College Education, Higher Education Administration Education pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Zac Yanis (Info) Argosy University, Atlanta Kderagon 2019‑07‑15 Sim
William C. Young (Info) Mercer University health psychology, social anxiety wcyoung705 2016‑06‑15 Sim
Edil Yusuf (Info) Mercer University edily 2019‑07‑29 Sim
Zachary R Zeisler (Info) Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mercer University neuropsychology, amygdala, prefrontal cortex DoubleZZ10 2019‑04‑03 Sim
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