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Richard A. Baird (Info) National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Vestibular neuroscience, inner ear sensory cell regeneration, synaptogenesis steygerp 2008‑12‑29 Sim
Crista L. Barberini (Info) Columbia Value processing, reinforcement learning cbarberini 2007‑09‑04 Sim
Jane Macpherson (Info) Neurological Sciences Institute Posture and balance control cbarberini 2007‑09‑04 Sim
Peter S. Steyger (Info) OHSU auditory neuroscience, ototoxicity steygerp 2008‑12‑29 Sim
Lena H. Ting (Info) Georgia Institute of Technology/Emory University gelsyto 2012‑02‑20 Sim
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