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Mehmet Dokucu (Info) Northwestern Univ Medical School taghertp 2012‑04‑27 Sim
Joseph G. Gleeson (Info) UCSD kmillen 2011‑08‑09 Sim
Roderick Gregory (Info) University of Liverpool ab1296 2016‑08‑11 Sim
Alicia Guemez-Gamboa (Info) Rockefeller Neurodevelopment, human genetics, neural circuits acom 2017‑02‑15 Sim
Andrew C. Ivy (Info) Roosevelt University Gastrointestinal physiology & pharmacology CJM3 2009‑03‑10 Sim
Shuo Kang (Info) UIUC, Northwestern Univ Medical School Addiction kangberg 2018‑10‑05 Sim
Sean Michael Kelly (Info) CSHL GABAergic circuits skelly961 2011‑09‑16 Sim
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