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Marco Atzori (Info) UT Dallas pkanold 2006‑04‑26 Sim
Daryn Cass (Info) The Chicago Medical School at RFUMS prefrontal cortex, adolescence, GABA tsengky 2008‑07‑27 Sim
Jose L. Ferran (Info) Universidad de Murcia (Spain) developmental neurobiology and evolution tsengky 2013‑10‑05 Sim
Lijun Heng (Info) RFUMS-The Chicago Medical School prefrontal cortex, plasticity, electrophysiology tsengky 2007‑10‑03 Sim
Ruvini Jayasinghe (Info) The Chicago Medical School at RFUMS basal ganglia, parkinsonism, cGMP signaling, dopamine, physiology, behavior tsengky 2013‑10‑05 Sim
John N. Reynolds (Info) University of Otago, NZ basal ganglia, plasticity, synaptic transmission tsengky 2013‑10‑05 Sim
Blume Shannon (Info) RFUMS-The Chicago Medical School basal ganglia, parkinson's disease tsengky 2007‑10‑03 Sim
Kuei-Yuan Tseng (Info) University of Illinois, Chicago prefrontal cortex, monoamines, plasticity, schizophrenia, parkinson's disease, basal ganglia, adolescence tsengky 2006‑10‑14 Sim
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