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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Witali Lvovich Dunin-Barkowski (Info) Institute for the Problems of Information Transmission Khakhalin 2010‑06‑09 Sim
Alexandr Borisovich Kogan (Info) Rostov State University Khakhalin 2010‑06‑09 Sim
Sergey N. Markin (Info) Drexel Medical School rybak 2010‑06‑10 Sim
Lubov Nikolaevna Podladchikova (Info) Research Institute for Neurocybernetics rybak 2010‑06‑18 Sim
Ilya A. Rybak (Info) Drexel Medical School Computational neuroscience, Motor control, Central pattern generators, Neural control of respiration, Neural control of locomotion, Visual perception, Visual attention, Eye movement rybak 2009‑01‑04 Sim
Natalia A. Shevtsova (Info) Drexel Medical School rybak 2010‑06‑10 Sim
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