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Jarrod R. Dowdall (Info) The University of Lethbridge, Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck Society Attention, Systems Neuroscience mstata 2015‑09‑07 Sim
Jonathan Richard Epp (Info) University of Calgary learning, memory, hippocampus, neurogenesis jonepp 2008‑08‑18 Sim
Bryan D. Fantie (Info) American University Neuropsychology, behavioral neuroscience, emotion bfantie 2008‑11‑13 Sim
Zen Faulkes (Info) The University of Texas-Pan American, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley invertebrate neuroethology zfaulkes 2008‑07‑25 Sim
Margaret L. Forgie (Info) The University of Lethbridge hormones and behaviour forgie 2008‑03‑25 Sim
Afra Foroud (Info) UBC movement, development, infant behaviour AForoud 2012‑06‑12 Sim
Andrea Gomez Palacio Schjetnan (Info) York University learning and memory olgars 2007‑04‑29 Sim
Bryan Edward Kolb (Info) University of Lethbridge Cortical plasticity/recovery of function Thorfinn 2006‑04‑09 Sim
Guey-Jen Lai (Info) National ChengChi University neural plasticity, neuromodulation, neurotrophins Thorfinn 2008‑04‑16 Sim
Artur Luczak (Info) University of Lethbridge mlaubach 2007‑08‑27 Sim
Jennifer Mather (Info) University of Lethbridge octopus behaviour zfaulkes 2008‑07‑27 Sim
Bruce L. McNaughton (Info) UC Irvine Learning & memory,Aging hayden 2005‑01‑15 Sim
Sergio M. Pellis (Info) University of Lethbridge play behaviour aniwaniuk 2008‑08‑01 Sim
Terry E. Robinson (Info) University of Michigan david 2006‑10‑25 Sim
Robert James Sutherland (Info) University of Lethbridge Hippocampus & memory Thorfinn 2006‑04‑09 Sim
Ashley Thomson (Info) University of Alberta firemaple 2012‑06‑12 Sim
Douglas G. Wallace (Info) Northern Illinois University Spatial navigation, hippocampus, room101 2008‑09‑16 Sim
Ian Whishaw (Info) University of Lethbridge Control of movement Thorfinn 2006‑04‑09 Sim
Preston T.J.A. Williams (Info) CUNY developmental plasticity, motor control, recovery from brain injury preztwilliams 2007‑08‑23 Sim
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