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Thomas S. Baguley (Info) Nottingham Trent University Experimental psychology, Psychological statistics, Human memory, Cognition, Spatial cognition tsbaguley 2015‑09‑08 Sim
Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau (Info) Trent University Ecology Biology, Conservation Biology pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Liana E. Brown (Info) Trent University Vision and Action liana 2006‑07‑13 Sim
Daniel Clark (Info) Psychology DREWDUNN01 2015‑09‑07 Sim
Mark A. Crook-Rumsey (Info) Nottingham Trent University Cannabinoids, functional connectivity, electrophysiology markcrookrumsey 2015‑09‑10 Sim
Andrew K. Dunn (Info) Nottingham Trent University Perception, Memory, Attention, Evolution DREWDUNN01 2015‑09‑04 Sim
Thomas J. Dunn (Info) Nottingham Trent University tsbaguley 2015‑09‑08 Sim
Kitty (Katherine) F. Emery (Info) University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History anthropology, archaeology, environmental archaeology, zooarchaeology, Mesoamerica, Maya emerykf 2014‑02‑28 Sim
David Godden (Info) Nottingham Trent University Mulloney 2008‑04‑14 Sim
Georgina Elizabeth Gous (Info) Nottingham Trent University "Speaker Recognition Memory", Speaker Perception", "Voice Perception", "Voice Recognition", "Fundamental Frequency", "Speech Rate" georgiegous 2015‑09‑07 Sim
Lydia Hardowar (Info) Nottingham Trent University dobates 2020‑04‑26 Sim
Paul Healy (Info) Trent University anthropology, archaeology, Mesoamerica emerykf 2014‑02‑28 Sim
Richard P. Hulse (Info) University of Bristol jll 2009‑04‑30 Sim
W K "Danny" Kaye (Info) Nottingham Trent University tsbaguley 2015‑09‑08 Sim
Hugo Lehmann (Info) Trent University memory, hippocampus, rhinal cortex thorfinn 2006‑04‑09 Sim
Mowei Liu (Info) Trent University social and emotional development; culture krubin 2010‑12‑16 Sim
Thomas Luloff (Info) Trent University kimlschmidt 2014‑01‑19 Sim
Mufti Mahmud (Info) University of Antwerp, University of Padova, Nottingham Trent University, UK Brain-chip interfacing, Neuronal signal processing, Barrel cortex, Advanced machine learning, Data analytics muftimahmud 2012‑01‑30 Sim
Terese E. McIntosh (Info) Trent University Ecology Biology, Wildlife Management Agriculture pq 2016‑07‑31 Sim
Dennis L. Murray (Info) Trent University Ecology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology pq 2016‑07‑30 Sim
Gabriella Mutale (Info) Nottingham Trent University Body Perception, Evolution, Gabs2501 2015‑09‑07 Sim
Christine Norman (Info) Nottingham Trent University psychopharmacology, schizophrenia, forensic psychology, addiction, associative learning psy3normac 2015‑09‑08 Sim
Catherine Preston (Info) Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, Karolinska, University of York (UK) Body Representation cptjackson1981 2007‑05‑15 Sim
Kimberley Ritchie (Info) Trent University MargMcK 2022‑08‑17 Sim
Kimberly Ritchie (Info) Trent University MargMcK 2022‑08‑26 Sim
Gavin A Scott (Info) Trent University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, University if Saskatchewan, University of Calgary GavinScott 2019‑06‑26 Sim
Melanie Jay Sekeres (Info) Trent University, KLARU, Baycrest, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest, University of Toronto, Baylor University memory, consolidation, reconsolidation, fMRI msekeres 2015‑06‑21 Sim
Andrea N. Smit (Info) Simon Fraser, Trent University Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience circ.lab.sfu 2018‑04‑06 Sim
Harriet M J Smith (Info) Nottingham Trent University face perception, voice perception harrietsmith15 2015‑09‑07 Sim
Karima Susi (Info) Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Nottingham Trent University fMRI, EEG, auditory system, pitch coding, mental health, CAMHS, ADHD, ED karimasusi 2015‑09‑07 Sim
Tameille Valentine (Info) Nottingham Trent University Richard_Hulse1 2022‑01‑13 Sim
Stirling Wattam (Info) Trent University psychology stirling 2020‑11‑01 Sim
Belinda Winder (Info) Nottingham Trent University forensic; sexual; sex offenders; medicine; doctors; packaging; consumer; ageing; mixed method; qualitative; questionnaires; medical students BelindaWinder666 2017‑07‑01 Sim
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