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K Ulrich Ulli Bayer (Info) UCHSC Synaptic plasticity, Down syndrome, Schizophrenia, Addiction, Stroke, Global cerebral ischemia david 2006‑10‑19 Sim
William J. Betz (Info) University of Colorado, Denver hanks 2005‑10‑12 Sim
Michael Browning (Info) UCHSC david 2006‑10‑19 Sim
Corey B. Smith (Info) Case Western Physiology, Neuroscience, Cell Biophysics, Exocytosis, Endocytosis, Stress Response CoreySmith 2015‑02‑20 Sim
Marc J. Tetel (Info) Wellesley Neuroendocrinology mtetel 2007‑12‑21 Sim
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