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Lucy Albertella (Info) Monash University (Australia) addiction, cognition albertella1 2018‑07‑12 Sim
Jan Copeland (Info) UNSW, Sydney, Australia albertella1 2020‑12‑30 Sim
James Dunn (Info) UNSW, Sydney, Australia smiellet 2020‑12‑16 Sim
Eddie Harmon-Jones (Info) The University of New South Wales Emotion, motivation, cognitive dissonance, prefrontal cortex jcoan 2009‑04‑03 Sim
Sebastien Miellet (Info) University of Lille , France, University of Glasgow, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Bournemouth University (United Kingdom), University of Wollongong, Australia Vision smiellet 2011‑12‑12 Sim
Yann Quidé (Info) UNSW, Sydney, Australia yannquide 2021‑10‑21 Sim
Chi-Kuang Sun (Info) Graduate Institute of Sports and Health, NCUE, Taiwan Psychophysiology, Social Neuroscience, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience EricSun 2021‑09‑15 Sim
David White (Info) UNSW, Sydney, Australia smiellet 2020‑12‑16 Sim
Ann CY Wong (Info) UNSW, Sydney, Australia neuroscience, cell biology, auditory biology, hearing research, cell physiology, protein function, biochemistry AnnCYWong 2019‑02‑12 Sim
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