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Per Andersen (Info) University of Oslo, Norway LTP, learning & memory cyneric 2005‑02‑19 Sim
Per S. Enger (Info) UiO fish physiology torkelhf 2009‑04‑05 Sim
Jan Birger Jansen (Info) University of Oslo, Norway M. Odurih 2006‑11‑02 Sim
Birger Kaada (Info) UiO torkelhf 2009‑04‑27 Sim
Edvard I. Moser (Info) Norwegian University of Science and Technology spatial orientation david 2006‑05‑08 Sim
Per F. Scholander (Info) UiO torkelhf 2009‑04‑27 Sim
Johan Frederik Storm (Info) University of Oslo, Norway Cellular neurophysiology, Electrophysiology, Ion channel functions, Hippocampal neurons koen 2007‑12‑21 Sim
Frode A. Tuvnes (Info) University of Oslo, Norway Neuroscience tuvnes 2013‑01‑10 Sim
Koen Vervaeke (Info) Janelia Farm Junior Fellow somatosensory cortex, mouse behavior, systems, cellular and computational neuroscience koenvervaeke 2015‑01‑19 Sim
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