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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Manfred Fahle (Info) University of Bremen Form vision kathleen 2005‑03‑29 Sim
Lena Hochstein (Info) Cognium 2014‑12‑03 Sim
Elsa Andrea Kirchner (Info) DFKI GmbH & University of Bremen Cognium 2014‑12‑03 Sim
Janine Kirstein (Info) University of Bremen, Germany rimorimoto 2020‑07‑23 Sim
Martin Köhnlein (Info) Charité Berlin Neurology, Vision Cognium 2014‑12‑04 Sim
Anika Lipfert (Info) Cognium 2014‑12‑03 Sim
Richard I. Morimoto (Info) Northwestern draible 2009‑11‑09 Sim
Christoph Zetzsche (Info) University of Bremen, Germany Bao 2008‑09‑26 Sim
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