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Brian R. Christie (Info) University of British Columbia/Victoria Neuroscience, Hippocampus, Synaptic Plasticity, Neurogenesis, exercise lm 2006‑05‑07 Sim
Kerry R. Delaney (Info) University of Victoria synaptic physiology, dendritic physiology swang 2005‑11‑03 Sim
Thomas C. Harrison (Info) UBC motor cortex, stroke tcharr 2012‑02‑10 Sim
Timal Saman Kannangara (Info) University of Ottawa Synaptic Plasticity, Adult Neurogenesis, Stroke bchristie 2008‑01‑25 Sim
Ross Peterson (Info) University of Victoria Synaptic Plasticity bchristie 2008‑01‑25 Sim
Cristina Vasuta (Info) University of British Columbia/Victoria bchristie 2017‑09‑21 Sim
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