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Philip Beaman (Info) University of Reading, UK working memory, auditory cognition PhilipBeaman 2019‑06‑20 Sim
Ian D. Forsythe (Info) University of Leicester synaptic transmission, voltage-gated potassium channels, intrinsic plasticity, auditory processing fesposti1 2012‑04‑19 Sim
Caren Frosch (Info) PhilipBeaman 2019‑06‑20 Sim
Tom Matheson (Info) University of Leicester motor control vduerr 2009‑05‑14 Sim
James E. McCutcheon (Info) UCL, Rosalind Franklin Medical School, University of Illinois, Chicago, University of Leicester, UiT The Arctic University of Norway Feeding, addiction, dopamine, stress jamesmccutcheon 2008‑12‑10 Sim
Flávio A.G. Mourão (Info) Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (BR) sensory processing, neural coding Fagm 2018‑03‑04 Sim
Fabien Naneix (Info) Université de Bordeaux, University of Leicester (UK), University of Aberdeen, UK Dopamine, food, adolescence, goal-directed behavior, motivation, FabNaneix 2019‑03‑14 Sim
Tim C. Pearce (Info) University of Leicester teslar 2014‑06‑18 Sim
Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (Info) University of Leicester Neuroscience, Signal Processing rodri 2007‑11‑10 Sim
Kenneth B.M. Reid (Info) Oxford complement system, surfactant, collectins cspecht 2014‑02‑16 Sim
Robert Sim (Info) University of Leicester (UK) GSG2 2017‑08‑03 Sim
Robert B. Sim (Info) University of Leicester (UK) GSG2 2017‑08‑03 Sim
Peter R. Stanfield (Info) University of Leicester potassium channels ian4sythe 2012‑10‑25 Sim
Serge Thill (Info) University of Skövde Cognitive Science, Cognitive Robotics, Computational Modelling teslar 2014‑06‑18 Sim
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