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James Cantor (Info) University of Toronto (CAMH) Sexual behavior, paraphilias, pedophilia, homosexuality, gender identity, neuroimaging, neuropsychology pfaus 2007‑12‑07 Sim
Jeff W. Dawson (Info) Carleton University Neuroethology, biomechanics, insect flight robertrm 2007‑10‑04 Sim
James Howard Fullard (Info) University of Toronto bat-insect interactions, neuroethology jeff_w_dawson 2007‑10‑20 Sim
D. Ashley Monks (Info) University of Toronto, Mississauga neuroendocrinology, sexual behavior, sexual differentiation, androgens nwatson 2007‑10‑02 Sim
Mayte Parada (Info) Concordia Female Sexual Behaviour Maytep 2008‑01‑05 Sim
James George Pfaus (Info) Concordia Sexual behavior, Reproduction, Neuroendocrinology, Conditioning, Human sexual function and dysfunction, Brain imaging, Immunocytochemistry, Autoradiography, Molecular biology pfaus 2007‑11‑01 Sim
Jayne E. Yack (Info) Carleton University neuroethology, insect hearing, vibrational communication jeff_w_dawson 2007‑10‑20 Sim
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