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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Simon Alford (Info) alankay 2006‑03‑24 Sim
Gareth Barnes (Info) Aston University MEG kiisudankan 2008‑10‑14 Sim
Ray J. Dolan (Info) UCL Attention, memory, emotion JLand52 2006‑01‑23 Sim
Steve Fleming (Info) Oxford, UCL Metacognition, self-awareness flembo 2008‑09‑22 Sim
Chris Frith (Info) UCL cognitive neuroscience, social interaction 2005‑10‑18 Sim
Oliver J. Hulme (Info) UCL neuroimaging of the visual system olliehulme 2006‑10‑31 Sim
Anna Jafarpour (Info) UC Berkeley Cognitive Neuroscience annajafarpour 2014‑05‑30 Sim
P Read Montague (Info) Baylor Computation JLand52 2005‑01‑29 Sim
Louise E. Whiteley (Info) UCL Bayesian Perception, Attention, Population Coding Louise Whiteley 2006‑10‑30 Sim
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