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Jonathan J. Schroden (Info) Cornell (Chemistry Tree) laser and molecular beam methods to study the dynamics of elementary bimolecular and photochemical reactions pq 2015‑11‑13 Sim(0.64)
Junbo Feng (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) Ionic Liquids pq 2015‑09‑28 Sim(0.62)
Michael J. Linnen (Info) The University of North Dakota (E-Tree) Chemical Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Energy pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.61)
John W. Daily (Info) CU Boulder (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering pq 2016‑02‑05 Sim(0.6)
Irvin Glassman (Info) Princeton (Physics Tree) fuel burning, pollution generation by mobile and stationary power plants, jet propulsion engines, incineration, soot formation, supercritical fuel reactions and synthesis of high temperature refractory materials jandh 2015‑12‑25 Sim(0.59)
Sharon Neufeldt (Info) UCLA (Chemistry Tree) tarselli 2014‑12‑27 Sim(0.59)
Kevin H. Weber (Info) UC Riverside (Chemistry Tree) pq 2015‑11‑10 Sim(0.58)
April D. Getty (Info) University of Washington (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic Chemistry pq 2015‑10‑02 Sim(0.58)
Jerome Volkman (Info) University of Oklahoma (Chemistry Tree) Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry pq 2016‑03‑27 Sim(0.58)
Joshua S. Heyne (Info) University of Dayton (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.58)
Everett L. Shock (Info) Arizona State (Chemistry Tree) Geochemistry pq 2016‑02‑19 Sim(0.57)
Erica L. Corral (Info) University of Arizona (E-Tree) Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑04‑04 Sim(0.57)
Eugene Chong (Info) UBC (Chemistry Tree) Organometallic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Catalysis tarselli 2015‑07‑12 Sim(0.57)
Frederick L. Dryer (Info) University of South Carolina (E-Tree) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Fire Safety, Combustion, Propulsion, Fuels pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.57)
Ki H. Kwon (Info) Marquette University (Chemistry Tree) Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry pq 2016‑04‑04 Sim(0.57)
Ufuk G. Erdal (Info) Virginia Tech (Chemistry Tree) Environmental Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Biogeochemistry pq 2016‑03‑08 Sim(0.57)
Owen I. Smith (Info) UCLA (Physics Tree) chemistry and fluid mechanics of high temperature reacting flows jandh 2015‑12‑25 Sim(0.57)
Richard A. Yetter (Info) Penn State (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry pq 2016‑04‑18 Sim(0.57)
William D. Jones (Info) Rochester (Chemistry Tree) transition metal organometallic compounds jandh 2011‑12‑23 Sim(0.57)
David J. Robichaud (Info) Caltech (Chemistry Tree) laser spectroscopy, kinetics, and reaction dynamics, applied to problems in atmospheric chemistry pq 2015‑11‑12 Sim(0.57)
Wiliam D. Jones (Info) Rochester (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic Chemistry pq 2016‑06‑10 Sim(0.56)
Pilho Kim (Info) UC Davis (Chemistry Tree) Combinatorial chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, understanding reaction mechanisms, solid phase organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, reaction methodology, and structure elucidation pq 2015‑11‑17 Sim(0.56)
Marco Castaldi (Info) Columbia (E-Tree) Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering pq 2016‑04‑05 Sim(0.56)
Evguenii Kozliak (Info) The University of North Dakota (Chemistry Tree) Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.56)
Brian E. Farkas (Info) NCSU (E-Tree) Agricultural Engineering, Food Science and Technology Agriculture pq 2016‑05‑12 Sim(0.56)
Caleb T. Nelson (Info) UT Dallas (E-Tree) Fluid and Plasma Physics pq 2016‑03‑31 Sim(0.56)
Glenn E. Walsberg (Info) Arizona State (Physics Tree) Animal Physiology Biology, Zoology Biology, General Biophysics pq 2016‑05‑29 Sim(0.56)
Ting Li (Info) Rochester (Chemistry Tree) transition metal organometallic compounds pq 2015‑11‑10 Sim(0.56)
Marcelo Videa (Info) (Chemistry Tree) fjuriberomo 2015‑12‑04 Sim(0.56)
Marcelo Videa (Info) (Chemistry Tree) fjuriberomo 2015‑12‑04 Sim(0.56)
Yi-Bo Huang (Info) NCCU, Taiwan liaowenlin 2020‑03‑21 Sim
Evry Schatzman (Info) Observatoire de Paris (Astronomy Tree) ozymandias 2018‑02‑19 Sim
Jean-René Roy (Info) Universite Laval (Canada) (Meteorology Tree) aubema 2020‑03‑21 Sim
Chryssa Kouveliotou (Info) George Washington University (Physics Tree) vcharmandaris 2020‑03‑20 Sim
Alexander Rotenberg (Info) Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School alij 2020‑03‑18 Sim
Shyam Kumar (Info) Institue of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Physics Tree) Experimental High Energy Physics jikumar 2018‑07‑31 Sim
Natalie C. Korkola (Info) The University of Western Ontario (Canada) (Microtree) MartinStillman 2020‑03‑14 Sim
Kao (Info) liaowenlin 2020‑03‑21 Sim
Jitto Titus (Info) Georgia State (Physics Tree) uperera 2020‑03‑27 Sim
Seyoum Wolde (Info) Georgia State (Physics Tree) uperera 2020‑03‑27 Sim
Ziba Hedayatnasab (Info) University of Malaya (Chemistry Tree) Cancer Therapy Ziba12 2018‑11‑18 Sim
J. A. Ranga C. Jayasinghe (Info) Georgia State (Physics Tree) Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑02‑14 Sim
Jaeshil Kim (Info) UC Irvine (LinguisTree) Linguistics Language pq 2016‑03‑01 Sim
Yoosang Lee (Info) The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Theology Tree) General Religion, Clergy Religion, Theology, Criminology and Penology pq 2016‑03‑01 Sim
Kathrin Schrick (Info) Kansas State University (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2020‑03‑28 Sim
Steven G Matsik (Info) Georgia State (Physics Tree) uperera 2020‑03‑27 Sim
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