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Ajith Ramanathan (Info) Stanford (Computer Science Tree) pq 2016‑01‑10 Sim(0.72)
John M. Melack (Info) UC Santa Barbara (Evolution Tree) david 2016‑01‑14 Sim(0.72)
Cheng-Jia Lai (Info) UCLA (Computer Science Tree) distributed and parallel database systems; temporal data models and query processing; knowledge discovery in database systems; computer performance evaluation pq 2016‑01‑10 Sim(0.71)
Chidong Zhang (Info) University of Miami (Meteorology Tree) Meteorology pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.71)
Peter H. Santschi (Info) Texas A & M (Chemistry Tree) Biogeochemistry pq 2016‑02‑19 Sim(0.71)
John A. Downing (Info) Iowa State (Evolution Tree) Limnology Biology, Ecology Biology, Paleoecology pq 2016‑02‑09 Sim(0.71)
Anas Ghadouani (Info) Université de Montréal (Microtree) Ecology Biology, Limnology Biology pq 2016‑05‑19 Sim(0.71)
Olivier Perceval (Info) Université de Montréal (Microtree) Environmental Sciences, Limnology Biology pq 2016‑05‑19 Sim(0.71)
A. Russell Flegal (Info) UC Santa Cruz (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2014‑08‑04 Sim(0.71)
Jennifer Spicer (Info) Louisiana State (Oceanography Tree) Andres 2016‑05‑29 Sim(0.71)
Richard A. McKinney (Info) University of Rhode Island (Terrestrial Ecology Tree) pq 2015‑11‑13 Sim(0.71)
Kwok-Keung Shiu (Info) Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong) (Chemistry Tree) Analytical Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.7)
Helena Solo-Gabriele (Info) University of Miami (Microtree) Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Public Health, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.7)
Christopher H. Conaway (Info) UC Santa Cruz (Chemistry Tree) pq 2015‑09‑27 Sim(0.7)
William Craig Burnett (Info) Florida State (Chemistry Tree) Geochemistry pq 2016‑02‑19 Sim(0.7)
Damian Shea (Info) NCSU (Chemistry Tree) Toxicology, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.7)
Kyriakos Komvopoulos (Info) UC Berkeley (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics pq 2016‑04‑18 Sim(0.7)
Arnon Lavie (Info) University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, X-ray pq 2016‑04‑04 Sim(0.7)
Sharon A. Meyer (Info) NCSU (Chemistry Tree) Toxicology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑05‑22 Sim(0.7)
Diane M. McKnight (Info) CU Boulder (Chemistry Tree) Hydrology, Biogeochemistry pq 2016‑02‑09 Sim(0.7)
John P. Giesy (Info) Michigan State (Chemistry Tree) Environmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry, Toxicology pq 2016‑05‑22 Sim(0.7)
Shawn P. McElmurry (Info) Michigan State (Philosophy Tree) Environmental Engineering, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.7)
Edward J. Phlips (Info) University of Florida (Microtree) Environmental Sciences, Limnology Biology, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.7)
Graeme Allinson (Info) University of Melbourne (Chemistry Tree) Environmental Science richardb 2013‑12‑04 Sim(0.7)
Alex T. Chow (Info) UC Davis (E-Tree) Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science Agriculture pq 2016‑05‑19 Sim(0.69)
Fabien Chainet (Info) Paul Sabatier University Toulouse (Oceanography Tree) Speciation, Silicon, Representativity, Steam-cracking, Coking, Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Multi-technical approach, Poisoning, Catalysts doc_fr 2017‑02‑17 Sim(0.69)
Harry Suhl (Info) UCSD (Physics Tree) Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑05‑14 Sim(0.69)
Sophie Veschambre (Info) Paul Sabatier University Toulouse (Oceanography Tree) doc_fr 2017‑02‑17 Sim(0.69)
Joseph B. Rasmussen (Info) University of Lethbridge (Terrestrial Ecology Tree) ekmoody 2014‑10‑04 Sim(0.69)
Owen T. Lind (Info) Baylor University (Microtree) Limnology Biology, Ecology Biology, Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.69)
Russell J. Mumper (Info) University of Kentucky (Chemistry Tree) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Immunology pq 2016‑05‑20 Sim(0.69)
Steven E. Lohrenz (Info) University of Southern Mississippi (Marine Ecology Tree) Oceanography Biology, Ecology Biology pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.69)
Yongan Yang (Info) Colorado School of Mines (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑02 Sim(0.68)
Jonathan O. Sharp (Info) UC Berkeley (Microtree) Environmental Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Biogeochemistry pq 2016‑02‑06 Sim(0.68)
Marco Salamanca (Info) Universidad de Concepcion (Oceanography Tree) Andres 2015‑12‑03 Sim(0.68)
Bartholomew P Roland (Info) Vanderbilt (Chemistry Tree) lipid biochemistry, membrane biology, pharmacology, neurogenetics rolandbp 2018‑03‑20 Sim(0.68)
Wooseok Ki (Info) Stockton University (Chemistry Tree) kripke 2018‑10‑21 Sim(0.68)
Miling Li (Info) Harvard (Chemistry Tree) tamina38 2018‑03‑20 Sim(0.68)
Vito Quaranta (Info) Scripps Institute (Chemistry Tree) Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑02‑19 Sim(0.68)
Michael J. Lydy (Info) SIU Carbondale (Chemistry Tree) Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.68)
Estella Atekwana (Info) Western Michigan University (Physics Tree) Geochemistry, Geology, Geophysics pq 2016‑02‑09 Sim(0.68)
Natalie Mladenov (Info) CU Boulder (Terrestrial Ecology Tree) Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences pq 2016‑02‑12 Sim(0.68)
David W. Hyndman (Info) Michigan State (Physics Tree) Hydrology, Geophysics pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.68)
Hong Seok Choi (Info) USC (E-Tree) david 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.68)
Jerome Nriagu (Info) University of Michigan (Epi Tree) Public Health, Epidemiology pq 2016‑01‑27 Sim(0.68)
William G. Crumpton (Info) Iowa State (Evolution Tree) Ecology pq 2016‑01‑21 Sim(0.68)
Liang-Shih Fan (Info) Ohio State (Chemistry Tree) Chemical Engineering, Biogeochemistry pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.68)
Jeffery Chanton (Info) Florida State (Oceanography Tree) jnelson 2016‑01‑21 Sim(0.68)
Alba Torrents (Info) University of Maryland (E-Tree) Environmental Engineering, Analytical Chemistry pq 2016‑01‑24 Sim(0.68)
Alba Torrents (Info) University of Maryland (E-Tree) Environmental Engineering, Analytical Chemistry pq 2016‑01‑24 Sim(0.68)
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