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Michel Belakhovsky (Info) Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (Crystallography Tree) FilipeMaia 2016‑02‑03 Sim(0.8)
Gregory A. Petsko (Info) Weill Cornell Medical College (Chemistry Tree) Protein Crystallography jandh 2012‑03‑07 Sim(0.8)
John Tanner (Info) University of Missouri-Columbia proman 2017‑10‑09 Sim(0.8)
Shi Xian Liew (Info) University of Melbourne Mathematical Psychology, Decision Making shixianliew 2017‑10‑09 Sim(0.8)
Louis T. J. Delbaere (Info) University of Saskatchewan (Chemistry Tree) X-ray crystallography tarselli 2015‑07‑20 Sim(0.8)
William N. Lipscomb (Info) University of Minnesota, Harvard (Chemistry Tree) Theoretical chemistry, chemical structure wtyiii 2011‑05‑07 Sim(0.8)
Stephen E. Ullrich (Info) The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston (Chemistry Tree) Immunology, Animal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.79)
Bauke W. Dijkstra (Info) RUG (Chemistry Tree) protein crystallography jandh 2011‑08‑14 Sim(0.79)
David M. Blow (Info) Cambridge (Chemistry Tree) X-ray crystallography jandh 2011‑07‑19 Sim(0.79)
Dagmar Ringe (Info) Brandeis (Chemistry Tree) relationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function jandh 2014‑02‑03 Sim(0.79)
Hongbin Cheng (Info) University of Pittsburgh (E-Tree) Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.79)
Elizabeth D. Getzoff (Info) Scripps Institute (Chemistry Tree) protein recognition, interaction and catalysis jandh 2012‑07‑25 Sim(0.78)
David M. Antonelli (Info) University of Windsor (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Alternative Energy pq 2016‑05‑02 Sim(0.78)
Richard N. Armstrong (Info) Vanderbilt (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology tarselli 2015‑07‑14 Sim(0.78)
Alan A. DiSpirito (Info) Iowa State (Cell Biology Tree) Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑01‑24 Sim(0.78)
Johan N. Jansonius (Info) University of Basel (Chemistry Tree) structural biology jandh 2011‑08‑15 Sim(0.78)
Kurt L. Krause (Info) University of Otago (Chemistry Tree) Structural Biology klkrause 2014‑08‑02 Sim(0.77)
Grover P. Miller (Info) UAMS (Cell Biology Tree) Biochemistry, Pharmacology pq 2016‑02‑09 Sim(0.77)
Jonathan P. Schuermann (Info) University of Missouri - Columbia Biochemistry pq 2018‑01‑21 Sim(0.77)
Emilia Horjales (Info) Aarhus University pain ehorjales 2010‑10‑08 Sim(0.77)
Ila R. Singh (Info) Columbia (Microtree) Microbiology Biology pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.77)
Albert S. Mildvan (Info) Johns Hopkins (Chemistry Tree) Mechanisms of enzyme action; enzymes of DNA and ATP hydrolysis; isomerases; nuclear magnetic resonance and electron spin resonance jandh 2012‑07‑05 Sim(0.77)
Jeffrey T. Bolin (Info) Purdue (Chemistry Tree) Structural biology, biochemistry bcfinzel 2015‑07‑30 Sim(0.77)
Jan Drenth (Info) RUG (Chemistry Tree) structure analysis jandh 2011‑06‑27 Sim(0.77)
A M. Rauth (Info) University of Toronto (Chemistry Tree) Molecular Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.77)
Yuhan Lee (Info) Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Chemistry Tree) Biomaterials, medical adhesives, nano formulations yuhan.lee 2018‑08‑14 Sim(0.77)
Catherine L. Drennan (Info) MIT (Chemistry Tree) X–ray crystallography to study the structure and mechanism of metalloproteins jandh 2012‑10‑06 Sim(0.77)
Steven E. Ealick (Info) Cornell (Chemistry Tree) structure and function of proteins using X-ray crystallography jandh 2012‑07‑26 Sim(0.76)
Marlin J. Atkinson (Info) University of Hawai'i at Manoa (Chemistry Tree) Biogeochemistry, Geochemistry pq 2016‑02‑29 Sim(0.76)
Richard L. Felts (Info) University of Missouri - Columbia Biochemistry pq 2018‑01‑21 Sim(0.76)
Nicole Chumbler (Info) Harvard (Microtree) princepeach 2019‑07‑12 Sim(0.76)
Robert Huber (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, structural chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑14 Sim(0.76)
Amde M. Amde (Info) University of Maryland (E-Tree) Civil Engineering pq 2016‑01‑27 Sim(0.76)
Brian James Bahnson (Info) University of Delaware (Chemistry Tree) Structural Enzymology jandh 2015‑11‑27 Sim(0.76)
Ivan Rayment (Info) UW Madison (Chemistry Tree) Structural Biology gnphillipsjr 2012‑06‑23 Sim(0.76)
John T. Yeoman (Info) Caltech (Chemistry Tree) Synthetic organic chemistry; Natural product total synthesis; Asymmetric catalysis pq 2015‑11‑12 Sim(0.76)
Udo Fehn (Info) Rochester (Chemistry Tree) Geochemistry pq 2016‑02‑05 Sim(0.76)
Deborah Goldfarb (Info) UC Davis khlaga 2017‑08‑17 Sim(0.76)
Michael N.G. James (Info) University of Alberta (Chemistry Tree) protein crystallography jandh 2013‑05‑12 Sim(0.76)
Marvin L. Hackert (Info) UT Austin (Chemistry Tree) structural molecular biology jandh 2012‑06‑25 Sim(0.76)
Brian W. Matthews (Info) University of Oregon (Chemistry Tree) X-ray crystallography, protein folding picoa 2013‑02‑25 Sim(0.76)
James S. Chickos (Info) University of Missouri - Saint Louis (Chemistry Tree) Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry pq 2016‑04‑05 Sim(0.76)
Rikkert K. Wierenga (Info) University of Oulu (Chemistry Tree) Structural Enzymology jandh 2013‑07‑08 Sim(0.76)
Robert M. Stroud (Info) UCSF (Chemistry Tree) membrane protein characterizations and crystal structures jandh 2012‑03‑09 Sim(0.75)
Thomas C. Bruice (Info) UC Santa Barbara (Chemistry Tree) bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry jandh 2011‑09‑08 Sim(0.75)
H Curtis Monger (Info) New Mexico State (Chemistry Tree) Soil Science Agriculture, Biochemistry pq 2016‑02‑29 Sim(0.75)
Scott Lovell (Info) Purdue (Chemistry Tree) bartkahr 2016‑01‑11 Sim(0.75)
Yu-der Wen (Info) University of South Florida (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑02 Sim(0.75)
Barry C. Finzel (Info) UMN (Chemistry Tree) Structural Biology, Medicinal Chemistry bcfinzel 2015‑07‑30 Sim(0.75)
Barry C. Finzel (Info) UMN (Chemistry Tree) Structural Biology, Medicinal Chemistry bcfinzel 2015‑07‑30 Sim(0.75)
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