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Nai-Teng Yu (Info) Georgia Tech (Chemistry Tree) Biophysical chemistry, laser Raman spectroscopy - techniques and applications, noninvasive medical diagnostic devices jandh 2013‑04‑15 Sim(0.63)
Robert Scarrow (Info) Haverford College (Chemistry Tree) Jlmertz 2013‑08‑02 Sim(0.61)
Elizabeth Illescas-Huerta (Info) Nat. Aut. Univ. of Mexico (UNAM) fsotres 2019‑11‑23 Sim(0.61)
Brian Mark Hoffman (Info) Northwestern (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic, Materials, Physical/Analytical jandh 2012‑07‑07 Sim(0.6)
Joann Sanders-Loehr (Info) Oregon Graduate Institute (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2013‑07‑25 Sim(0.6)
Peter G. Debrunner (Info) UIUC (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2011‑11‑06 Sim(0.6)
Winslow S. Caughey (Info) Colorado State (Chemistry Tree) porphyrins jandh 2014‑07‑28 Sim(0.6)
W. Robert Scheidt (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) metalloporphyrin compounds jandh 2013‑03‑01 Sim(0.59)
Reinhard Schweitzer-Stenner (Info) Drexel (Chemistry Tree) Physical Chemistry, General Biophysics, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑30 Sim(0.59)
Richard B. Van Breemen (Info) University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center (Chemistry Tree) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑30 Sim(0.59)
Donald M. Kurtz (Info) Northwestern (Chemistry Tree) stryker4507 2015‑08‑26 Sim(0.59)
Thomas G. Spiro (Info) Princeton (Chemistry Tree) Bioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry jandh 2011‑12‑04 Sim(0.59)
Nicolai Lehnert (Info) University of Michigan (Chemistry Tree) biological role of nitric oxide, homogeneous catalysts for the generation of the sustainable energy carrier hydrogen, porphyrin-based materials for non-linear optics jandh 2013‑02‑08 Sim(0.59)
Mary K. Ellison (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) metalloporphyrin compounds pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.58)
Prasenjit Maity (Info) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (Chemistry Tree) Vigyaanik 2018‑01‑21 Sim(0.58)
Abhishek Dey (Info) Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic Chemistry, Electronic Structure Control of Catalysis abbeyde 2014‑04‑05 Sim(0.57)
H D. Goff (Info) University of Guelph (Canada) (Chemistry Tree) Food Science and Technology Agriculture, Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑23 Sim(0.57)
William H. Orme-Johnson (Info) UW Madison (Chemistry Tree) biological chemistry jandh 2013‑03‑09 Sim(0.57)
Peter E. Doan (Info) Northwestern (Chemistry Tree) bioinorganic chemistry, paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy jtelser 2013‑06‑24 Sim(0.57)
Eckard Münck (Info) Carnegie Mellon (Chemistry Tree) Metalloproteins, Bioinorganic models, Magnetochemistry, Mössbauer and EPR Spectroscopy, Theory of transition metal complexes jandh 2012‑11‑03 Sim(0.57)
William Dale Phillips (Info) du Pont, Washington University (Chemistry Tree) nuclear magnetic resonance jandh 2011‑07‑24 Sim(0.57)
Nathan J. Silvernail (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) metalloporphyrin compounds pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.56)
John D. Lipscomb (Info) UMN (Chemistry Tree) oxygenases jandh 2013‑02‑02 Sim(0.56)
Richard H. Sands (Info) University of Michigan (Physics Tree) tylerz 2011‑12‑10 Sim(0.56)
Paul C. Tarves (Info) Boston University (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2015‑10‑04 Sim(0.56)
Michael P. Hendrich (Info) Carnegie Mellon (Chemistry Tree) Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.56)
Nicolas Sluis-Cremer (Info) University of Pittsburgh (Chemistry Tree) Virology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑04‑18 Sim(0.56)
David J. Merkler (Info) University of South Florida (Chemistry Tree) fatty amides pq 2016‑03‑28 Sim(0.56)
Wilfred (Fred) R. Hagen (Info) Delft University of Technology (Chemistry Tree) Enzymology jandh 2011‑08‑08 Sim(0.56)
Paulo Sérgio Santos (Info) USP (Chemistry Tree) Spectroscopy rlorc 2015‑02‑13 Sim(0.56)
Robert J. Spreitzer (Info) University of Nebraska - Lincoln (Chemistry Tree) Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.56)
Wayne Froland (Info) UC Berkeley (Chemistry Tree) kristenw 2016‑07‑13 Sim(0.56)
Irving M. Klotz (Info) Northwestern (Chemistry Tree) chemical thermodynamics, physical biochemistry ggmatthews 2011‑07‑15 Sim(0.55)
Silvia Bezer (Info) Carnegie Mellon (Chemistry Tree) CatalinaAchim 2016‑06‑24 Sim(0.55)
Laila Franke (Info) University of Salzburg fwilhelm 2018‑11‑20 Sim(0.55)
Audria Stubna (Info) Carnegie Mellon (Chemistry Tree) Metalloproteins, Bioinorganic models, Magnetochemistry, Mössbauer and EPR Spectroscopy, Theory of transition metal complexes pq 2015‑11‑15 Sim(0.55)
Yong Duan (Info) UC Davis (E-Tree) General Biophysics, Computer Science, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑18 Sim(0.55)
Tory G. Herman (Info) University of Oregon (Chemistry Tree) Biochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑05‑02 Sim(0.55)
Brad S. Pierce (Info) The University of Texas at Arlington (Chemistry Tree) Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Immunology pq 2016‑05‑02 Sim(0.55)
Jordan F. Corbey (Info) PNNL (Chemistry Tree) Actinide Chemistry Jcorbey 2017‑05‑23 Sim(0.55)
Heather R. Kalish (Info) UC Davis (Chemistry Tree) chemistry pq 2015‑11‑16 Sim(0.55)
Gerald T. Babcock (Info) Michigan State (Chemistry Tree) oxygen chemistry jandh 2015‑07‑21 Sim(0.55)
John P. Caradonna (Info) Yale (Chemistry Tree) non-heme iron metalloproteins jandh 2015‑10‑04 Sim(0.55)
Jeffrey W. Pavlik (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) metalloporphyrin compounds pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.55)
Celine H. Taboy (Info) Duke (Chemistry Tree) transition metals in biological systems pq 2015‑11‑16 Sim(0.55)
Joseph P. Emerson (Info) University of Georgia (Chemistry Tree) stryker4507 2015‑08‑26 Sim(0.55)
Herbert Witzel (Info) University of Munster (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2013‑02‑09 Sim(0.55)
Jeanette L Bertron (Info) Vanderbilt (Chemistry Tree) jbertron 2017‑06‑14 Sim(0.54)
Bruce A. Averill (Info) UVA (Chemistry Tree) kripke 2013‑03‑09 Sim(0.54)
Bruce A. Averill (Info) UVA (Chemistry Tree) kripke 2013‑03‑09 Sim(0.54)
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