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embryonal brain tumors, cell proliferation and differentiation
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2021 Eibl T, Hammer A, Yakubov E, Blechschmidt C, Kalisch A, Steiner HH. Medulloblastoma in adults - reviewing the literature from a surgeon's point of view. Aging. 13. PMID 33497354 DOI: 10.18632/aging.202568   
2021 Tsimberidou AM, Vo HH, Subbiah V, Janku F, Piha-Paul S, Yilmaz B, Gong J, Faraz Naqvi M, Tu SM, Campbell M, Meric-Bernstam F, Naing A. Pembrolizumab in Patients with Advanced Metastatic Germ Cell Tumors. The Oncologist. PMID 33491277 DOI: 10.1002/onco.13682   
2021 de Sousa JF, da Silva P, Serafim RB, Nociti RP, Moreira CG, Silva WA, Valente V. RNA sequencing data of different grade astrocytoma cell lines. Data in Brief. 34: 106643. PMID 33385022 DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2020.106643   
2021 Nagarsheth NB, Norberg SM, Sinkoe AL, Adhikary S, Meyer TJ, Lack JB, Warner AC, Schweitzer C, Doran SL, Korrapati S, Stevanović S, Trimble CL, Kanakry JA, Bagheri MH, Ferraro E, et al. TCR-engineered T cells targeting E7 for patients with metastatic HPV-associated epithelial cancers. Nature Medicine. PMID 33558725 DOI: 10.1038/s41591-020-01225-1   
2021 Meel M, Choudhary N, Kumar M, Mathur K. Epidemiological Profiling and Trends of Primary Intracranial Tumors: A Hospital-Based Brain Tumor Registry from a Tertiary Care Center. Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice. 12: 145-152. PMID 33531774 DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1721622   
2021 Devereaux KA, Weiel JJ, Mills AM, Kunder CA, Longacre TA. Neurofibrosarcoma Revisited: An Institutional Case Series of Uterine Sarcomas Harboring Kinase-related Fusions With Report of a Novel FGFR1-TACC1 Fusion. The American Journal of Surgical Pathology. PMID 33481389 DOI: 10.1097/PAS.0000000000001644   
2021 Brown HM, Alfaro CM, Pirro V, Dey M, Hattab EM, Cohen-Gadol AA, Cooks RG. Intraoperative Mass Spectrometry Platform for IDH Mutation Status Prediction, Glioma Diagnosis, and Estimation of Tumor Cell Infiltration. The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine. PMID 33523209 DOI: 10.1093/jalm/jfaa233   
2021 Lun YZ, Sun J, Liu B, Dong W, Pan LH, Lin J, Zhang JX. The Inhibitory Effects of Recombinant Hespintor Combined with Sorafenib on Transplanted Human Hepatoma in Nude Mice, and Transcriptional Regulation of Hespintor Based on RNA-Seq. Journal of Cancer. 12: 343-357. PMID 33391431 DOI: 10.7150/jca.50500   
2021 Gromeier M, Brown MC, Zhang G, Lin X, Chen Y, Wei Z, Beaubier N, Yan H, He Y, Desjardins A, Herndon JE, Varn FS, Verhaak RG, Zhao J, Bolognesi DP, et al. Very low mutation burden is a feature of inflamed recurrent glioblastomas responsive to cancer immunotherapy. Nature Communications. 12: 352. PMID 33441554 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-20469-6   
2021 Liu C, Han Z, Zhang ZK, Nussinov R, Cheng F. A network-based deep learning methodology for stratification of tumor mutations. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). PMID 33416857 DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btaa1099   
2021 Zhu G, Song J, Chen W, Yuan D, Wang W, Chen X, Liu H, Su H, Zhu J. Expression and Role of Dickkopf-1 (Dkk1) in Tumors: From the Cells to the Patients. Cancer Management and Research. 13: 659-675. PMID 33536782 DOI: 10.2147/CMAR.S275172   
2021 Warren A, Chen Y, Jones A, Shibue T, Hahn WC, Boehm JS, Vazquez F, Tsherniak A, McFarland JM. Global computational alignment of tumor and cell line transcriptional profiles. Nature Communications. 12: 22. PMID 33397959 DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-20294-x   
2021 Fu X, Chen C, Li D. Survival prediction of patients suffering from glioblastoma based on two-branch DenseNet using multi-channel features. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. PMID 33462763 DOI: 10.1007/s11548-021-02313-4   
2021 Karimi S, Mansouri S, Nassiri F, Bunda S, Singh O, Brastianos PK, Dunn IF, Zadeh G. Clinical significance of checkpoint regulator "Programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1)" expression in meningioma: review of the current status. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. 151: 443-449. PMID 33611710 DOI: 10.1007/s11060-020-03584-8   
2021 Jones J, Nguyen H, Drummond K, Morokoff A. Circulating Biomarkers for Glioma: A Review. Neurosurgery. PMID 33442748 DOI: 10.1093/neuros/nyaa540   
2021 Feldman L, Brown C, Badie B. Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy: Updates in Glioblastoma Treatment. Neurosurgery. PMID 33575786 DOI: 10.1093/neuros/nyaa584   
2021 Wang X, Wang H, Xu J, Hou X, Zhan H, Zhen Y. Double-targeting CDCA8 and E2F1 inhibits the growth and migration of malignant glioma. Cell Death & Disease. 12: 146. PMID 33542211 DOI: 10.1038/s41419-021-03405-4   
2021 Zheng Y, Sun Y, Kuai Y, Fu G, An H, Chen J, Chen J, Zhu J, Wo Y, Wu Y, Song K, Xu Q, Wu D, Huang D, Wang Q, et al. Gene expression profiling for the diagnosis of multiple primary malignant tumors. Cancer Cell International. 21: 47. PMID 33514366 DOI: 10.1186/s12935-021-01748-8   
2021 Zhou J, Wang W, Li Q. Potential therapeutic targets in the tumor microenvironment of hepatocellular carcinoma: reversing the protumor effect of tumor-associated macrophages. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research : Cr. 40: 73. PMID 33596985 DOI: 10.1186/s13046-021-01873-2   
2021 Liang H, Liu Z, Huang J, Liu J, Wang W, Li J, Xiong S, Li C, Cheng B, Zhao Y, Cui F, He J, Liang W. Identifying optimal candidates for primary tumor resection among metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients: a population-based predictive model. Translational Lung Cancer Research. 10: 279-291. PMID 33569312 DOI: 10.21037/tlcr-20-709   
2021 Bhat S, Kabekkodu SP, Adiga D, Fernandes R, Shukla V, Bhandari P, Pandey D, Sharan K, Satyamoorthy K. ZNF471 modulates EMT and functions as methylation regulated tumor suppressor with diagnostic and prognostic significance in cervical cancer. Cell Biology and Toxicology. PMID 33566221 DOI: 10.1007/s10565-021-09582-4   
2021 Al Harbi R, McNeish IA, El-Bahrawy M. Ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors: an update on clinical features, molecular changes, and management. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer : Official Journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society. 31: 161-168. PMID 33414107 DOI: 10.1136/ijgc-2020-002018   
2021 Viticchié G, Powley I, Demetriou C, Cooper J, Butterworth M, Patel M, Abid N, Miles G, Howells L, Pringle H, MacFarlane M, Pritchard C. Patient-Derived Tumor Explants As a "Live" Preclinical Platform for Predicting Drug Resistance in Patients. Journal of Visualized Experiments : Jove. PMID 33616105 DOI: 10.3791/62130   
2021 Grimes JM, Carvajal RD, Muranski P. Cellular therapy for the treatment of solid tumors. Transfusion and Apheresis Science : Official Journal of the World Apheresis Association : Official Journal of the European Society For Haemapheresis. 103056. PMID 33478888 DOI: 10.1016/j.transci.2021.103056   
2021 Pierce SE, Kim SH, Greenleaf WJ. Finding needles in a haystack: dissecting tumor heterogeneity with single-cell transcriptomic and chromatin accessibility profiling. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development. 66: 36-40. PMID 33418426 DOI: 10.1016/j.gde.2020.11.008   
2021 Nishibeppu K, Komatsu S, Kiuchi J, Kishimoto T, Takashima Y, Shoda K, Arita T, Kosuga T, Konishi H, Shiozaki A, Kubota T, Okamoto K, Fujiwara H, Tsuda H, Otsuji E. TRIM37 contributes to malignant outcomes and CDDP resistance in gastric cancer. Journal of Cancer. 12: 316-325. PMID 33391428 DOI: 10.7150/jca.47577   
2021 Luo D, Shan Z, Liu Q, Cai S, Ma Y, Li Q, Li X. The correlation between tumor size, lymph node status, distant metastases and mortality in rectal cancer patients without neoadjuvant therapy. Journal of Cancer. 12: 1616-1622. PMID 33613748 DOI: 10.7150/jca.52165   
2021 Horwitz J, Huang A, McAuley D, Jansen GH, Johnston D. Embryonal Tumor With Multilayered Rosettes of the Parietooccipital Region: A Case Report. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. PMID 33448719 DOI: 10.1097/MPH.0000000000002048   
2021 Kim SR, Chun SH, Kim JR, Kim SY, Seo JY, Jung CK, Gil BM, Kim JO, Ko YH, Woo IS, Shim BY, Hong SH, Kang JH. The implications of clinical risk factors, CAR index, and compositional changes of immune cells on hyperprogressive disease in non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving immunotherapy. Bmc Cancer. 21: 19. PMID 33402127 DOI: 10.1186/s12885-020-07727-y   
2021 Saini H, Nikkhah M. Fabrication Method of a High-Density Co-Culture Tumor-Stroma Platform to Study Cancer Progression. Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.). 2258: 241-255. PMID 33340365 DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-1174-6_16   
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2021 Maire CL, Fuh MM, Kaulich K, Fita KD, Stevic I, Heiland DH, Welsh JA, Jones JC, Görgens A, Ricklefs T, Dührsen L, Sauvigny T, Joosse SA, Reifenberger G, Pantel K, et al. Genome-wide methylation profiling of glioblastoma cell-derived extracellular vesicle DNA allows tumor classification. Neuro-Oncology. PMID 33508126 DOI: 10.1093/neuonc/noab012   
2021 Garg K, Mishra S, Rafiq R, Haresh KP, Singh M. Mission impossible: chemotherapy in the intensive care for pineal region germ cell tumor. Child's Nervous System : Chns : Official Journal of the International Society For Pediatric Neurosurgery. PMID 33474571 DOI: 10.1007/s00381-020-05031-5   
2021 Boshuizen J, Pencheva N, Krijgsman O, D'Empaire Altimari D, Garrido Castro P, de Bruijn B, Ligtenberg MA, Gresnigt-van den Heuvel E, Vredevoogd DW, Song JY, Visser N, Apriamashvili G, Janmaat ML, Plantinga TS, Franken P, et al. Cooperative targeting of immunotherapy-resistant melanoma and lung cancer by an AXL-targeting antibody-drug conjugate and immune checkpoint blockade. Cancer Research. PMID 33531370 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-20-0434   
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2021 Wang Z, Chen S, Wang G, Li S, Qin X. CDCA3 Is a Novel Prognostic Biomarker Associated with Immune Infiltration in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Biomed Research International. 2021: 6622437. PMID 33604380 DOI: 10.1155/2021/6622437   
2021 Li C, Wu H, Li H, Wang Q, Li Y, Gao ZD, Yang XD, Ye YJ, Jiang KW. Different Medical Features and Strategies of Large Rectal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: A Multi-Central Pooling Analysis. Cancer Management and Research. 13: 1591-1600. PMID 33628049 DOI: 10.2147/CMAR.S291269   
2021 Blumendeller C, Boehme J, Frick M, Schulze M, Rinckleb A, Kyzirakos C, Kayser S, Kopp M, Kelkenberg S, Pieper N, Bartsch O, Hadaschick D, Battke F, Stenzl A, Biskup S. Use of plasma ctDNA as a potential biomarker for longitudinal monitoring of a patient with metastatic high-risk upper tract urothelial carcinoma receiving pembrolizumab and personalized neoepitope-derived multipeptide vaccinations: a case report. Journal For Immunotherapy of Cancer. 9. PMID 33431630 DOI: 10.1136/jitc-2020-001406   
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2021 Sawada T, Mizumoto M, Oshiro Y, Numajiri H, Shimizu S, Hiroshima Y, Nakamura M, Iizumi T, Okumura T, Sakurai H. Long-term follow up of a patient with a recurrent desmoid tumor that was successfully treated with proton beam therapy: A case report and literature review. Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology. 27: 32-35. PMID 33392400 DOI: 10.1016/j.ctro.2020.12.004   
2021 Carrasco C, Tittarelli A, Paillaleve N, Pozo MD, Rojas-Sepúlveda D, Barría O, Fluxá P, Hott M, Martin C, Quezada C, Salazar-Onfray F. The Evaluation of 17 Gastrointestinal Tumor Markers Reveals Prognosis Value for MUC6, CK17, and CD10 in Gallbladder-Cancer Patients. Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). 11. PMID 33494186 DOI: 10.3390/diagnostics11020153   
2021 Nagaraja TN, deCarvalho AC, Brown SL, Griffith B, Farmer K, Irtenkauf S, Hasselbach L, Mukherjee A, Bartlett S, Valadie OG, Cabral G, Knight RA, Lee IY, Divine GW, Ewing JR. The impact of initial tumor microenvironment on imaging phenotype. Cancer Treatment and Research Communications. 27: 100315. PMID 33571801 DOI: 10.1016/j.ctarc.2021.100315   
2021 Xu H, Zhu Q, Tang L, Jiang J, Yuan H, Zhang A, Lou M. Prognostic and predictive value of FCER1G in glioma outcomes and response to immunotherapy. Cancer Cell International. 21: 103. PMID 33579299 DOI: 10.1186/s12935-021-01804-3   
2021 Budhu S, Giese R, Gupta A, Fitzgerald K, Zappasodi R, Schad S, Hirschhorn D, Campesato LF, De Henau O, Gigoux M, Liu C, Mazo G, Deng L, Barker CA, Wolchok JD, et al. Targeting Phosphatidylserine Enhances the Anti-tumor Response to Tumor-Directed Radiation Therapy in a Preclinical Model of Melanoma. Cell Reports. 34: 108620. PMID 33440157 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.108620   
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