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2021 Nakayama K. Coming of Age in Science: Just Look? Annual Review of Vision Science. PMID 34086479 DOI: 10.1146/annurev-vision-100419-120946  0.01
2021 McMahon E, Kim D, Mehr SA, Nakayama K, Spelke ES, Vaziri-Pashkam M. The ability to predict actions of others from distributed cues is still developing in 6- to 8-year-old children. Journal of Vision. 21: 14. PMID 34003244 DOI: 10.1167/jov.21.5.14  1
2021 Inoue K, Furuyama T, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Morisaki K, Mori M. Platelet Count Recovery after Endovascular Aneurysm Repair for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Annals of Vascular Diseases. 14: 11-18. PMID 33786094 DOI: 10.3400/avd.oa.20-00030  0.04
2020 Kurose S, Matsubara Y, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Morisaki K, Furuyama T, Mori M. Influence of Internal Iliac Artery Embolization During Endovascular Aortic Repair Regarding Postoperative Sarcopenia and Mid-Term Survival. Annals of Vascular Surgery. PMID 33248242 DOI: 10.1016/j.avsg.2020.10.024  0.04
2020 Xia Y, Manassi M, Nakayama K, Zipser K, Whitney D. Visual crowding in driving. Journal of Vision. 20: 1. PMID 32492098 DOI: 10.1167/Jov.20.6.1  0.2
2020 Yamashita H, Fukushima E, Shimomura K, Hirose H, Nakayama K, Orimo N, Mao W, Katsuta N, Nishimon S, Ohnuma T. Use of skin advanced glycation end product levels measured using a simple noninvasive method as a biological marker for the diagnosis of neuropsychiatric diseases. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research. e1824. PMID 32323917 DOI: 10.1002/mpr.1824  0.12
2020 Morisaki K, Furuyama T, Matsubara Y, Inoue K, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Yoshiya K, Mori M. Thigh sarcopenia and hypoalbuminemia predict impaired overall survival after infrainguinal revascularization in patients with critical limb ischemia. Vascular. 1708538120913745. PMID 32295496 DOI: 10.1177/1708538120913745  0.01
2020 Inoue K, Furuyama T, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Morisaki K, Kume M, Matsumoto T, Mori M. Platelets reflect the fate of type II endoleak after endovascular aneurysm repair. Journal of Vascular Surgery. PMID 31980245 DOI: 10.1016/j.jvs.2019.09.062  0.01
2020 Furuyama T, Yamashita S, Yoshiya K, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Inoue K, Morisaki K, Matsumoto T, Mori M. The Controlling Nutritional (CONUT) score is significantly associated with complete ulcer healing in patients with critical limb ischemia. Annals of Vascular Surgery. PMID 31917224 DOI: 10.1016/j.avsg.2019.12.031  0.01
2019 Yoshino S, Inoue K, Yoshiya K, Kurose S, Nakayama K, Morisaki K, Furuyama T, Matsumoto T, Oda Y, Mori M. Cystic Arterial Disease Located Only in the Media of the Popliteal Artery: A Case Report. Annals of Vascular Diseases. 12: 530-533. PMID 31942213 DOI: 10.3400/  0.04
2019 Morisaki K, Furuyama T, Yoshiya K, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Kawakubo E, Matsumoto T, Mori M. Frailty in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm predicts prognosis after elective endovascular aneurysm repair. Journal of Vascular Surgery. PMID 31882319 DOI: 10.1016/j.jvs.2019.09.052  0.04
2019 Takenaka S, Chikazawa K, Yoshiizumi E, Hirose Y, Tamate M, Nakayama K, Morioka M, Sekizawa A, Matsumoto K. Three-Dimensional Peripheral Bloodstream Model of Uterus for Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. PMID 31812612 DOI: 10.1016/j.jmig.2019.11.020  0.01
2019 Toyota S, Inoue K, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Morisaki K, Furuyama T, Mori M. True brachial artery aneurysm after arteriovenous fistula closure following renal transplantation: a case report and literature review. Surgical Case Reports. 5: 188. PMID 31802273 DOI: 10.1186/s40792-019-0724-4  0.01
2019 Morisaki K, Furuyama T, Matsubara Y, Inoue K, Kurose S, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Yoshiya K, Yoshiga R, Maehara Y. External validation of CLI Frailty Index and assessment of predictive value of modified CLI Frailty Index for patients with critical limb ischemia undergoing infrainguinal revascularization. Vascular. 1708538119836005. PMID 30890090 DOI: 10.1177/1708538119836005  0.01
2019 Kurose S, Inoue K, Yoshino S, Nakayama K, Yamashita S, Yoshiya K, Yoshiga R, Morisaki K, Kaku K, Okabe Y, Furuyama T, Maehara Y. Successful bridge therapy with initial endovascular repair for arterioenteric fistula resulting from pseudoaneurysm rupture with massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage after pancreas transplantation. Annals of Vascular Surgery. PMID 30711503 DOI: 10.1016/j.avsg.2018.10.028  0.08
2019 Tani E, Ohnuma T, Hirose H, Nakayama K, Mao W, Nakadaira M, Orimo N, Yamashita H, Takebayashi Y, Miki Y, Katsuta N, Nishimon S, Hasegawa T, Komiyama E, Suga Y, et al. Skin advanced glycation end products as biomarkers of photosensitivity in schizophrenia. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research. e1769. PMID 30701623 DOI: 10.1002/Mpr.1769  0.12
2019 McMahon EG, Zheng CY, Pereira F, Ray G, Nakayama K, Ungerleider LG, Vaziri-Pashkam M. Humans and Machine Learning Classifiers Can Predict the Goal of an Action Regardless of Social Motivations of the Actor Journal of Vision. 19: 219. DOI: 10.1167/19.10.219  0.01
2018 Matsubara Y, Furuyama T, Nakayama K, Yoshiya K, Inoue K, Morisaki K, Kume M, Maehara Y. High intramuscular adipose tissue content as a precondition of sarcopenia in patients with aortic aneurysm. Surgery Today. PMID 30167921 DOI: 10.1007/s00595-018-1697-9  0.04
2018 Miyamoto R, Oshiro Y, Nakayama K, Ohkohchi N. Impact of Three-Dimensional Surgical Simulation on Pancreatic Surgery. Gastrointestinal Tumors. 4: 84-89. PMID 29594109 DOI: 10.1159/000484894  0.08
2017 Le PT, Hamasuna R, Matsumoto M, Furubayashi K, Hatanaka M, Kawai S, Yamaguchi T, Uehara K, Murakami N, Yoshioka M, Nakayama K, Shiono Y, Muraoka K, Suzuki M, Fujimoto N, et al. The detection of microorganisms related to urethritis from the oral cavity of male patients with urethritis. Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy : Official Journal of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy. PMID 28803864 DOI: 10.1016/j.jiac.2017.06.011  0.01
2017 Nakayama K, Murata S, Ito H, Iwasaki K, Villareal MO, Zheng YW, Matsui H, Isoda H, Ohkohchi N. Terpinen-4-ol inhibits colorectal cancer growth via reactive oxygen species. Oncology Letters. 14: 2015-2024. PMID 28781645 DOI: 10.3892/ol.2017.6370  0.24
2017 Vaziri-Pashkam M, Cormiea S, Nakayama K. Predicting actions from subtle preparatory movements. Cognition. 168: 65-75. PMID 28651096 DOI: 10.1016/J.Cognition.2017.06.014  1
2017 Nakayama K, Oshiro Y, Miyamoto R, Kohno K, Fukunaga K, Ohkohchi N. The Effect of Three-Dimensional Preoperative Simulation on Liver Surgery. World Journal of Surgery. PMID 28271263 DOI: 10.1007/s00268-017-3933-7  0.01
2017 Vaziri-Pashkam M, Kim D, Mehr S, Nakayama K, Spelke E. Children can predict actions from subtle preparatory movements, but not as well as adults Journal of Vision. 17: 51. DOI: 10.1167/17.15.51  0.01
2017 Nakayama K. Subjective contours: Gateway to otherwise hidden visual processes Journal of Vision. 17: 24-24. DOI: 10.1167/17.15.24  0.01
2017 Germine L, Nakayama K. 370. High-Throughput Cognitive Phenotyping: Mobile Technology Meets Patient Engagement Biological Psychiatry. 81: S151. DOI: 10.1016/J.Biopsych.2017.02.387  0.01
2016 Iwasaki K, Zheng YW, Murata S, Ito H, Nakayama K, Kurokawa T, Sano N, Nowatari T, Villareal MO, Nagano YN, Isoda H, Matsui H, Ohkohchi N. Anticancer effect of linalool via cancer-specific hydroxyl radical generation in human colon cancer. World Journal of Gastroenterology. 22: 9765-9774. PMID 27956800 DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i44.9765  0.04
2016 Cohen MA, Alvarez GA, Nakayama K, Konkle T. Visual search for object categories is predicted by the representational architecture of high-level visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology. jn.00569.2016. PMID 27832600 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00569.2016  1
2016 Miyamoto R, Oshiro Y, Nakayama K, Kohno K, Hashimoto S, Fukunaga K, Oda T, Ohkohchi N. Three-dimensional simulation of pancreatic surgery showing the size and location of the main pancreatic duct. Surgery Today. PMID 27368278 DOI: 10.1007/s00595-016-1377-6  0.04
2016 Pepperberg IM, Nakayama K. Robust representation of shape in a Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus). Cognition. 153: 146-160. PMID 27206312 DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2016.04.014  1
2016 Cohan S, Nakayama K, Duchaine B. Broadly Superior: Many, but not all, visual and non-visual abilities are strong in face super-recognizers Journal of Vision. 16: 74. DOI: 10.1167/16.12.74  0.01
2016 Anthony S, Nakayama K. Predicting and categorizing online video success from a computational model of face personality judgments Journal of Vision. 16: 717. DOI: 10.1167/16.12.717  0.01
2016 Wilmer J, Martini P, Germine L, Nakayama K. Multiple object tracking predicts math potential Journal of Vision. 16: 421. DOI: 10.1167/16.12.421  0.01
2015 Sano N, Tamura T, Toriyabe N, Nowatari T, Nakayama K, Tanoi T, Murata S, Sakurai Y, Hyodo M, Fukunaga K, Harashima H, Ohkohchi N. New drug delivery system for liver sinusoidal endothelial cells for ischemia-reperfusion injury. World Journal of Gastroenterology. 21: 12778-86. PMID 26668502 DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i45.12778  1
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2014 Nowatari T, Murata S, Nakayama K, Sano N, Maruyama T, Nozaki R, Ikeda N, Fukunaga K, Ohkohchi N. Sphingosine 1-phosphate has anti-apoptotic effect on liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and proliferative effect on hepatocytes in a paracrine manner in human. Hepatology Research : the Official Journal of the Japan Society of Hepatology. PMID 25371278 DOI: 10.1111/hepr.12446  1
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