Fun neurogenealogy facts

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Most represented institutionsNodes
1. University of California, Los Angeles1440
2. Capella University1421
3. Stanford University1412
4. Columbia University1296
5. University of California, San Diego1273
6. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor1171
7. University of Florida, Gainesville1169
8. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities1126
9. Harvard University1092
10. Northwestern University1082
11. University of California, Berkeley1056
12. University of Wisconsin, Madison1050
13. University of Pennsylvania1040
14. University of Texas at Austin1017
15. New York University1006
16. Walden University1003
17. University of Toronto1000
18. University of Washington, Seattle951
19. City University of New York945
20. Johns Hopkins University944
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Famous cousins: Ivan Pavlov and Sigmund Freud (through Johannes Muller)
Famous cousins: Donald Hebb and Stephen Kuffler (through Charles Sherrington)
Famous cousins: Max Wertheimer and Alois Alzheimer (through Wilhelm Wundt)
Famous cousins: Franz Nissl and Karl Lashley (2nd cousins through Wilhelm Wundt)
Big families stay big. Children of researchers with many offspring tend to have many offspring of their own.
Our great, great, ... great grandparent. 62% of neuroscientists are direct descendents of Martin of Bazan, who was the grandparent of Dominic de Guzman (St. Dominic), 23 generations before the anatomist/phrenologist Franz Joseph Gall, and 28 generations before the physicist/psychophysicist Hermann von Helmholtz.