Jared Meyer Saletin - US grants

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 
Sleep, Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory

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High-probability grants

According to our matching algorithm, Jared Meyer Saletin is the likely recipient of the following grants.
Years Recipients Code Title / Keywords Matching
2016 — 2019 Saletin, Jared Meyer
K01Activity Code Description:
For support of a scientist, committed to research, in need of both advanced research training and additional experience.

The Interaction of Brain Structure and Sleep Neurophysiology in Regulating the Neural Substrates of Inattention Symptoms in Pediatric Adhd

@ Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital

2021 Saletin, Jared Meyer
P20Activity Code Description:
To support planning for new programs, expansion or modification of existing resources, and feasibility studies to explore various approaches to the development of interdisciplinary programs that offer potential solutions to problems of special significance to the mission of the NIH. These exploratory studies may lead to specialized or comprehensive centers.

Sleep and Circadian Timing: Mechanisms of Daytime Sleepiness and Impaired Cognition in Adhd

@ Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital