Idaho State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
C. R. AuxierClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2001 Wm B. Kine (grad student)
Michele R. BrumleyDevelopmental psychobiology, locomotion
Tony CellucciClinical Psychology, Health Education, Public Health
Anthony CellucciClinical Psychology
Galatia J. CepedaClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Hispanic American Studies2011 Shannon Lynch (grad student)
Liva R. CoxExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology2011 Linda C. Hatzenbuehler (grad student)
Judith CrewsCounseling Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education
Jannina DarlingClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2009 Linda Enloe (grad student)
Leslie L. DevaudNeuropharmacology of substance abuse
Vikas V. DukhandePharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2009 James C. K. Lai (grad student)
Linda EnloeClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Stacey H. FingersonClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2007 Linda C. Hatzenbuehler (grad student)
April M. FritchClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Criminology and Penology2007 Shannon Lynch (grad student)
Jeffrey C. GregoryClinical Psychology2005 Anthony Cellucci (grad student)
James Groomesodium channels
Nicole R. GuajardoClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Rebecca Hansis-O'Neill20072009 Michele R. Brumley (research assistant)
Linda C. HatzenbuehlerClinical Psychology, Women's Studies
Nicole M. HeathClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Women's Studies2009 Shannon Lynch (grad student)
Alfred O. IsaacPharmacology, Toxicology, Neuroscience Biology2007 James C. K. Lai (grad student)
Victor JoeClinical Psychology, Health Education, Public Health
Bryan D. JolleyMiddle School Education, Leadership Education2010 Mark Neill (grad student)
James C. K. LaiNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology
Ritu C. KhuranaNeuropharmacology of substance abuse2005 Leslie L. Devaud (grad student)
Wm B. KineClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
John H. KroghClinical Psychology2007 Tony Cellucci (grad student)
Tera LetzningClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Arthur P. LloydMental Health, Guidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Shannon LynchClinical Psychology
Gauri H. Malthankar-PhatakNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2005 James C. K. Lai (grad student)
Lyn G. McArthurClinical Psychology, Public Health, Criminology and Penology, Women's Studies2010 Shannon Lynch (grad student)
Mark NeillLeadership Education, Behavioral Psychology
Aaron T. OvermanCognitive Psychology2002 Kandi Turley-Ames (grad student)
Kelly L. PearceClinical Psychology2013 Kandi Turley-Ames (grad student)
Jessica R. PeltanPsychobiology Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology2011 Tony Cellucci (grad student)
Erin B. Rasmussenbehavioral pharmacology, cannabinoids, obesity
Fred O. Risingerdrugs of abuse, alcohol, nicotine, serotonin, dopamine
Megan E. RobertoPsychology20082010 Michele R. Brumley (grad student)
Gail C. RobertsonDevelopment, Children, Adolescents, Sleep Maria Wong (grad student)
Clifford C. RoneClinical Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology Psychology2013 Tera Letzning (grad student), Tera D. Letzring (grad student)
Sarah E. Rowland Clinical Psychology2013 Maria Wong (grad student)
Cindy J. SchiersIndividual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology2010 Kandi Turley-Ames (grad student)
Rod SeeleyGeneral, Sciences Education, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
James C. ShankLeadership Education, Behavioral Psychology2012 Mark Neill (grad student)
Heath SommerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2007 Tony Cellucci (grad student)
Matthew W. SpechtClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Tony Cellucci (grad student)
Steven A. StephensClinical Psychology, Health Education, Public Health2001 Victor Joe (grad student)
Misty Strain20102012 Michele R. Brumley (grad student)
Hilary L. Stratton Psychology2012 Maria Wong (grad student)
Kandi Turley-AmesCognitive Psychology
Alexa A. Wakley20072008 Michele R. Brumley (grad student), Erin B. Rasmussen (grad student)
Kendra J. Westerhaus2012 Maria Wong (grad student)
Adriana M. WisselCounseling Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2011 Judith Crews (grad student)
Maria Wong
Dwight D. WraySciences Education, Higher Education2000 Rod Seeley (grad student)