George Washington University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Herman Aguinis Business Eugene Frank Stone-Romero (grad student)
Rebecca J. Anderson
Kinnari AtitCognitive Science John Philbeck (research assistant)
Julius AxelrodNeurotransmitters19541955 H. George Mandel (grad student)
Nicole L. Barger Center for the Advanced Study of Hominid Paleobiology Chet C. Sherwood (post-doc)
Mel L. BillingsleyAlzheimer's disease, tau protein Pharmacology1981 H. George Mandel (grad student)
Emily Bragg2014 Guangying Wu (research assistant)
Anthony Caputy
Jonathan S. CarpNeuroscience Biology1982 Rebecca J. Anderson (grad student)
Breana Carter Sarah Shomstein (grad student)
Vincent A. Chiappinelli
Jeffrey Stephen Chrabaszcz20042008 Philip Moore (research assistant)
Linda D. Chrosniakmemory, aging, psychiatric disorders Shahin Hashtroudi (grad student)
Andrew CollegioVision, Attention, Visual System Psychology2013 Sarah Shomstein (grad student)
Rui Diogo20052005 Simon M. Hughes (post-doc)
Ian Donovanvision, attention, perceptual learning, cognitive neuroscience, perception, visual perception, visual attention Psychology20102012 Sarah Shomstein (research assistant)
Jonathan K Doyon
Leslie Drummondattention
Dick Dubbelde
Duc Duong Neurosurgery Steven J. Schiff (post-doc)
Mark Feinberg Psychology Jenae M. Neiderhiser (grad student)
Christina B. Geecoparenting, father involvement, social support, mental health service use James V. Cordova (research scientist)
Fred Goodwin
Jaan Hasan20132014 Guangying Wu (research assistant)
Shahin Hashtroudimemory
Laurel Westman Holze Biology19921992 Nina F. Schor (research assistant)
Allison R Horvathneuroscience, genetics20192019 Guangying Wu (research assistant)
Ethan G. Hughesneuron-glia interactions, oligodendrocytes20012003 Margaret L. Sutherland (research assistant)
Arnold KaplanNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology1963 Sidney Udenfriend (grad student)
Benjamin A. KramerSensation and Perception John Philbeck (grad student)
Edward Laws
Jeongyoon LeeSensory Processing2014 Guangying Wu (grad student)
Jeongmi LeeVisual system
Mary Rachael R. Lovett-Barrneuroplasticity, spinal cord, CVN,
George Malcolm Sarah Shomstein (post-doc)
Thomas M. Maynard22q11 Deletion Syndrome, cortical development, neural crest
David Mendelowitznucleus ambiguus, cardiac20002009 Michael C. Andresen (collaborator)
Daniel J. MillerNeuroanatomy Anthropology20092011 Chet C. Sherwood (grad student)
Philip J. Moore
Philip Moore
Sydni M Nadler Psychological and Brain Sciences20192023 Stephen R. Mitroff (research assistant)
Joseph Nah Psychology20142019 Sarah Shomstein (grad student)
Donald C. Paup
John Philbeck Jack Loomis (grad student)
Darwin J. ProckopNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology1961 Sidney Udenfriend (grad student)
Anastas PropratiloffSpinal Cord, Injury, repair19982001 Wolfram Neiss (post-doc)
Cal F. Rabangauditory system2013 Guangying Wu (post-doc)
Hugo Rizzoli
Charles Rosen
Peter C. RubenSodium channels19751977 David O. Carpenter (grad student)
Laligam Sekhar
Summer L. SheremataVisual Attention, Working Memory, Spatial Neglect Sarah Shomstein (post-doc)
Chet C. Sherwood
Sarah ShomsteinAttention
Parag ShuklaPatch-Clamp Electrophysiology neuroscience20152016 Guangying Wu (research assistant)
Emma M. Siritzky
Mark D. SkopinTraumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, and Sleep
Paul So Neurosurgery Steven J. Schiff (post-doc)
Helen Synn20142015 Guangying Wu (research assistant)
Nicholas L. VasilopoulosIndustrial and Organizational Psychology
Philip W. Wirtz
Nikki Wolfe
Guangying WuAuditory system, neural circuits
Naohide YamamotoSpatial Cognition, Navigation20072009 John Philbeck (post-doc)
Xiaoli ZhangVisual perception, Visual stability, attention, neuroimaging Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences20202023 Sarah Shomstein (post-doc)