Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Thomas Behnisch
Wei Cai20112016 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Kaiming CaoMolecular Biology
Xin Chenretina19982004 Tiande Shou (grad student)
Jing Jing Chengap junction
Wei-Yi Chen20122018 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Jiayang ChenNeurological Disorder Physiology and Biophysics20142017 Lei Xue (research assistant)
Wen-Hao Chen2018 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Jun-Ru Chen2022 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Tian-Lin Cheng
Ling-Jie Cui20142019 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Chun Fu DaiVestibular neuroscience
Suixin Dengneural circuit, synaptic transmission
Suwan Ding Department of Chemistry Fan Zhang (research assistant)
Zu-quan Fan2017 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Yelena Fangsodium channels
Xinran FengNeurology; RNA biology Life Sciences20152018 Boxun Lu (research assistant)
Wang Fu-hai2022 Jianguang Ni (grad student)
Shan Gaocognitive science; universals and variations of cognition in contexts Psychology2018 Jinmian Yang (research assistant)
Xue Gong20152018 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Yuyang Guupconversion nanoparticles, NIR imaging
Yuyang Gu
Yu Guvisual system, plasticity
Xu Han20172022 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Bao-Yang Huneural development, motoneuron, oligodendrocyte19992004 Guomin Zhou (grad student)
Zheng-wei Hu2016 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Zhili Huang
Lu-Yao Huang Shi-Bin Li (grad student)
Zheng Jia-hua2021 Jianguang Ni (grad student)
Peng Jian-Ya2022 Jianguang Ni (grad student)
Min Jiang
Chao-Yi Li19581961 Lu Yu-Dao (grad student)
Yongzhen Limicrobial metabolites, natural products Chemistry20142016 Qi Zhang (post-doc)
Fuyou Li
Xiaoxu LIQuantitative Psychology
Shi-Bin LiSleep
Jia-He Li2022 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Ai-Lin Liu20162021 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Yun-Feng Liu2019 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Cong LiuEnvironmental Health
Boxun Luion channel Yan-Ai Mei (research assistant)
Fei Luo20072012 Bao-ming Li (grad student)
Yuhui Sunny Luo20172018 Yong Chun Yu (research assistant), Xiaohui Wu (research assistant)
Qiang LuoBrain networks; Psychiatry; Brain development;
Yan-Ai Meiintracellular signaling pathways
Jianguang Nilearning & memory; neuronal synchronization; temporal dynamics
Jiyun PengMicroglia, memory, pain, cognition20032010 Bao-ming Li (grad student)
Kang-Wei Qian20132018 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Wang Qian-yun2021 Jianguang Ni (grad student)
Sheng-Nan Qiao20142016 Dao-Qi Zhang (grad student)
Wang Run
Yin Shenvisual system20012006 Xiong-li Yang (grad student)
Yuan Shensemantics
Wen-Long Sheng20112016 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Tiande Shouvision
Xuejun Songpain Zhiqi Zhao (grad student)
Zhicheng 'George' Sunsynaptic transmission, genome editing, cognitive neuroscience, neurodegeneration Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Institute of Brain Science, Centre for Computational Systems Biology20132014 Lei Xue (research assistant)
YU SUNIn vivo and In vitro Ephys. Pharmacology20102013 Zhili Huang (grad student)
Xiao-dong Tao2014 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Xin WangVisual system, neural coding, inhibitory circuit, network dynamics20022003 Yan-Ai Mei (research assistant)
Ge Wang20172020 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Wen-Xu Wang Institute for Translational Brain Research Shi-Bin Li (grad student)
Mingxuan Wangsensory processing and learning
Weiguang Wenglearning and memory Institute of Brain Science20112016 Thomas Behnisch (grad student)
Shijun Wengretina
Xin-Yong Wu2021 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Chuan River XiaoStructural Biology Kaiming Cao (grad student)
Li-Wei Xing Institute for Translational Brain Research Shi-Bin Li (grad student)
Guo-Zhong Xu20122017 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Lei Xuesynaptic transmission
Zhiqiang YanNeurobiology
Xiong-li YangNeuroscience, retina, electrophysiology, histology
Shengtao Yangneuroscience Bao-ming Li (grad student)
Zhe Yang2020 Shijun Weng (grad student)
He Yanglearning and memory
Wuzhou Yang20122015 Yong Chun Yu (grad student)
Li Yang Shi-Bin Li (grad student)
Xinghua YaoMicrocircuit, neocortex Yong Chun Yu (grad student)
Pan-tong YaoSystem Neuroscience20132016 Lei Xue (research assistant)
Feng Yi
Sun Yi-qi2022 Jianguang Ni (grad student)
Yong Chun Yu Xiong-li Yang (grad student), Song-Hai Shi (post-doc)
Jie Yu20112016 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Chen-Xi Yu2019 Shijun Weng (grad student)
Lu Yu-DaoPhysiology
Peng YuanAlzheimer's disease, microscopy Neuroscience20112015 Jaime Grutzendler (grad student)
Xiping ZhanNeural circuitry and synaptic function, IPSCs induced neurons19992001 Tiande Shou (post-doc)
Xin-Jun ZhangVisual system, NMDA receptors, Development20052010 Xiong-li Yang (grad student)
Eric E. ZhangCircadian Rhythms19941997 Kaiming Cao (grad student)
Xiaochang ZhangBrain development and disorders Tian Xu (grad student)
Dong-dong ZhangLearning and memory Institute of brain science20122017 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Xue-han Zhang Bao-ming Li (grad student)
Ying-chun Zhang20142017 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Qi Zhang
Fan ZhangBioimaging, Nanomaterials Dongyuan Zhao (grad student)
Lu Zhang
Zhiqi Zhao
Dongyuan Zhao
Yufang Zheng
Chen Zhengneuropharmacology
Hao Zheng
Miou Zhoulearning and memory Yan-Ai Mei (grad student)
Guomin Zhouvisual system development, genetics, eye disease
Nan Zhou Shi-Bin Li (research assistant)
Xue-qing Zhu2017 Xue-han Zhang (grad student)
Xingjun ZhuMaterials Science Chemistry20122017 Fuyou Li (grad student)
Hui ZongGlioma Kaiming Cao (grad student)